A Word About Chris Mullender


We lost a good friend last week. Chris Mullender, a programmer at 4J Studios, passed away suddenly last Monday morning. Chris was instrumental in development of the PS3 version of Oblivion and also worked on Star Trek: Conquest. Everyone here at Bethesda respected Chris and his work tremendously.

Paddy Burns, who worked with Chris at 4J, summed up Chris for us:

“He was a brilliant programmer who loved making games and bringing up his three young sons. He was very involved in his local community, where he was proud of his work in getting Dunbar’s Christmas lights up, and setting up a few websites for local schools and charities.”

As I said, we were saddened to find out this great guy, programmer, and father of three had passed away so suddenly. Our thoughts go out to Chris’ family and friends.

Reader Comments

  1. Always sad news when a good guy goes down, specially when they have 3 kids 🙁

    I expect a memorial in the next Oblivion…. Or maybe somewhere around the Capital Wastes…..

  2. omg. My condolences to y’all. He looked so young. I will have to make a mod dedicated to him. I hope that his work will continue to inspire you guys to carry on, i’m sure he will be watching with excitement and joy. Hell, he’ll probably still be trying to voice his opinions in whatever way he can. I have found that most people will do things like that when they go. Little things to let you know they are still watching. 😀

  3. I’d like to express my own feelings of condolence to the friends and family of Chris Mullender.

    The work on Oblivion at 4J studios was nothing short of exemplary and my character shall be observing a minutes silence later today in his honour.

  4. I only met Chris on Boxing day when we were both helping with a community project. I took an instant liking to him and was deeply saddened to hear of his premature death. I just wanted to pass on my condolances to his family and friends.