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It’s been over a week since we last gave an update from around the web, so there’s plenty to catch up on.

We’ll begin with IGN, who are currently counting down The Top 100 Game Creators of All Time. We’re excited to see that Todd made the list at #70. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say about him:

“Where most designers tend to think in terms of simplicity and economy, Howard’s games have been defined by a staggering sense of scale and immersion that few others can match.”

The list is still ongoing, but there’s some of names worth mentioning. Morrowind/Oblivion composer Jeremy Soule cracked the list at #86. Meanwhile, Fallout fans might recognize a few other names on the list, including Feargus Urquhart (#89), Tim Cain (#85), and Chris Avellone (#80).

Sticking with developer news, if you haven’t seen it already, Todd answered questions for G4 while at this year’s D.I.C.E. Summit. In the ten minute interview, he discusses The Pitt, answers reader questions, and more.

Emil is in the news in a few places, too. At Edge, he was honored in their Hot 100 Games Developers list (#17). Meanwhile, a new feature on storytelling in games features him as well. You can read that here.

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Got a question for Pete or Emil? This week they’ll be making a return visit to the AVault podcast. You may recall that the two first met when working together for the Adrenaline Vault back in the 90s. It’s too bad it’s not a video podcast — I would have liked to see a special on Pete and Emil: The Grunge Rock Era.

Waiting anxiously for The Pitt to be released? The release isn’t too far off (more details to come), and to wet your whistle, there’s a hands-on preview at Game Informer, as well as a new interview with Jeff Gardiner at CVG. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

CVG: A lot of Fallout 3 players are going to be powered up and headshotting mutants left, right and centre by the time The Pitt arrives. How will you make it challenging for end-game players who are all powered up?

Jeff: We’ve opted to make sure anyone who purchases this DLC will be able to enjoy it at any level. Players who come in with guns skill maxed at level 20 will find Raiders a bit more difficult then what they’re used to encountering wandering the wastes. Not to mention the new enemies, Trogs, like to hunt in large packs!

Continuing on the DLC tip, new Operation: Anchorage reviews can be read at The Game Fan, Techcetera, Over The Top Gamer and MLive.

Elsewhere, the 2008 NAViGaTR Winners were announced with Fallout 3 winning five awards in the categories of Art Direction in a Game Engine, Innovation in Game Technology, Writing in a Drama, Role Playing Game Sequel, and Lead Performance by in a Drama (Liam Neeson).

Wrapping things up, a few noteworthy lists to mention. The Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2009 ranked Oblivion #46 on their all-time list for console games. Topping that, Binge Gamer thinks the game is the all-time best game that allows you to fight with your fists. I can’t believe we beat out Double Dragon. More importantly, I still can’t believe Jimmy scored 50,000 on Double Dragon.

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  1. Re IGN’s top 100 … shame I gave up making inappropriate Todd comments for Lent. It would have been a perfect opportunity to make one. I can still think the words “#1 Hottest Game Hobbit”, right? Right? 😉

  2. This list seems about right, some should be higher others much lower lol. Honestly I think Todd is a little lower than he should be, I’d say at least #50 maybe #40. He still has work to put in. But Bethesda’s work is getting increasingly better. I can tell a lot of lessons were learned from Oblivion, especially regarding the amount of weight you can carry and how the inventory is set up.