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  1. Two things:

    1. (question) Has the DC area picked up at all on the notoriety from Fallout 3 references in the game? For instance, I have heard several people say that when they go to certain places in DC that they now look for (or are stunned to see) places they found in the game itself – like the stations, neighborhoods, etc.

    2.(praise) The three greatest moments I’ve ever had in any video game ever:

    a. Crossing the bridge behind Liberty Prime
    b. Watching Raven Rock implode
    c. End of the Main Questline in Project Purity, as you are going down you suddenly see the face of Jefferson’s statue looking in the window at you, and it freaks you out till you realize what it is!

    All 3 – the most Awesome gaming experience I’ve ever had in any game (including Oblivion, which I love) !!