Preparation for the Future


In preparing for the launch of Fallout 3, there were a lot of things we wanted to do, including having our faces melted by the Foo Fighters (check), creating an armada of Brotherhood of Steel statues (check), and creating a fun website to…well…prepare everyone for the future.

For the latter, we knew all along we wanted a site that captured the vibe of Fallout 3 — something that fans could visit and waste way minutes, if not hours, in preparation for the game’s release. For the site, we turned to the talented folks at AKQA, and the result was Prepare for the Future.

This week you can learn a little bit more about what went into making the site. Gasket Studios, who worked with AKQA and our team to make the memorable videos on the site, have a new behind-the-scenes feature on how they made the videos…check it out.

Reader Comments

  1. I remember you sending us to that site while waiting for the game’s release – I did spend a lot of time watching all the vids, changing channels on the TV, etc. It was a great time filler while I waited – that and playing Oblivion, lol.

  2. I just love the retro top notch atmosphere, the creative team was able to fuse into the site,fantastic work!