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  1. Not really a “deal” since you guys sold out to M$ and made dlc exclusive….

    PC version FTW

    And if you think about it, you probably would have made more money with supporting the ps3 version with DLC, since most of the PC content gets pirated. But GG… Lets keep hating the PS3 since “Its so hard to develop for” I think every game company should take a trip to Guerilla Games.

  2. @Billy Zane, the real problem with the PS3 is that it’s dead last in sales. Being the least selling console, makes a lot developers leary about putting out extra content because they could loose a lot of money. With it being last in the console wars means even less prospective buyers. Not every person who owns Fallout 3 will buy any of the DLC, so they have to keep that in mind for the PS3. They need money to keep making games, unless of course they were able to get people to work for free….but I don’t see that happening any day soon. It’s either that or they made a deal with MS and didn’t bother to tell anyone.

  3. @Carey

    I’m italian and so please forgive me for my English, I don’t think that anyone of the people that bought FO3 for PS3 would not buy a DLC, otherwise I think that much of ps3-users would be very happy to buy DLC!

    I don’t think that Bethesda hates making money or
    maybe Bethesda hates making money!

    in Latino: Pecunia non olet. Money does not smell!

    PS3 users are the same of Xbox360 users or maybe not!

    Maybe MS paid a lot for exclusive downloadable contents, maybe Sony does not!



  4. @Carey,

    I find it amusing when folks toss loose assumptions into a conversation without a bit of hard data to back it up. To say that the PS3 is last in sales is true, but your post is clearly missing the fact that more than 21 million units are out there. I would hardly classify that as a user base that deserves to be ignored. Compared to the XBOX 360’s 27 million units sold, it seems that Bethseda missed out on an opportunity to nearly double its DLC sales.

    This seems to be yet another chapter in the Linux versus Windows war, with the team at M$ proving they have deeper pockets.

    Thanks Bethseda for a great game, and screw you in the same breath for not defending your fans.

  5. hey bethesda thanks for a great game been a fan of you games since buying oblivion but why as a ps3 owner i get told to f**k off i paid for the game like any xbox or pc owner so why the let down do you think the people who paid for the game for ps3 are not worth the same as a xobox360 owner or a pc owner in some cases we paid more for it on ps3 then we would have on xbox or pc so why have u said no to giveing us the expansions