The Pitt hits March 24th


Today we announced that Fallout 3’s second DLC, The Pitt, will be released on Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE on Tuesday, March 24th and cost 800 Microsoft Points.

Along with the announcement, we’ve got three brand new screenshots up on our official site — including the one above that introduces you to the Trogs. For more details on The Pitt, check out new hands-on impressions at OXM (UK) and Eurogamer.

That’s all for now…we’ll keep you posted on new details on The Pitt.

Reader Comments

  1. what i want to know is why aren’t there any add on content for the ps3 version this drives me nuts i don’t understand why you guys don’t want to make money off the ps3 users even if microsoft bought the rights to the add on content it still sounds like a crappy deal to me especially since anything else you guys put out in the future i will make sure not to buy considering that a won’t get everything that comes with it.

  2. Wow.

    Screenshot 6 is a blatant display of low-res textures, emotionless facial expression, and jaggy fire.

    I do like the Feral Ghoul in screenshot 4. Oh, oops.

  3. I am gonna say this very directly~

    If it takes this long For the pitt to come out it’s not worth waiting for broken steel to come out~
    This is really disappointing

  4. That is the first pic of the new monsters I’ve seen, and they attack in groups? That will be wild, I can’t wait !! I appreciate the extra time it took to make that patch before releasing the DLC, fans of your games are only impatient because the games are so Awesome and we get excited and can’t wait – still it was better to patch before release than to release and have to deal with the problem later. Thank you for these Awesome DLC for Fallout 3, which already ROCKED without it !!!

  5. Which patch do you mean? The one that broke VATS? Or the one that fixed absolutely nothing? Or…the other one that fixed absolutely nothing?

  6. I don’t see why people are complaining so damn much. The patches helped on the 360 version. The game kept freezing almost every time I used the Railway Rifle indoors and various other times without the railway rifle and at random, now the game never freezes. And it appears as though the bugginess of the game has disappeared as well. It use to not load up models properly, of all the bugs that was the most annoying…I haven’t seen anything like that since the updates. And as far as VATS being broken, I’ve again seen no such issue. And all the other people bitching about the release date. Bethesda at first said February, then March…and it’s coming out on March 24th. I don’t see why you’re complaining over that. It’s not like it’s coming out in April or May. Sometimes development hits snags and they have to either start something over, debug or re-polish. It takes time, be greatful that they even bother releasing post launch content, most games now just give a few map packs for MP or a couple new weapons or vehicles and they call that an expansion lol. It could be much worse, they could’ve given you nothing.

  7. Oh, I see the source of your confusion. You’re using the 360 version where you’re stuck with whatever mediocre content Bethesda rips you off with.

  8. I don’t get why PS3 users who display satisfaction at getting no content are labeled as whiners yet it’s perfectly for people who are getting the expansions to whine when they’re delayed?

    Two choices, you could either have the pit on the original release in whatever state it is in now, or you can have it a couple weeks later when it’s finished. Considering how many bugs still exist in the core game I’d have thought a little extra time spent to polish the expansions would have been welcome.

  9. —Oh, I see the source of your confusion. You’re using the 360 version where you’re stuck with whatever mediocre content Bethesda rips you off with.—

    PC users are stuck too. And I don’t believe The Pitt to be mediocre. By the way, most community mods for the PC are utter crap only a few are actually worth looking into.

    I still don’t see why you’re complaining. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it. It’s really just that simple. And the updates to that 360 version solved a lot of issues…like I said in my last post I’ve seen none of the issues I experienced at launch, since the updates. Maybe you should reconsider you’re gaming platform.