What we’re watching: We’re watching Watchmen


This week we’re talking about the TV shows/movies that we’re currently looking forward to (or already watching). Tonight, many of us are going to see the film adaptation of Watchmen. Should be fun.

Let us know what you’re watching these days, as well as if you’re going to go see the movie (see poll question). Have a great weekend!

Megan Sawyer, Artist: Watchmen, whatever I get on Netflix tomorrow, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, Ghost Whisperer, CSI, Eleventh Hour, Lost, Heroes, CSI: Miami, and possibly watching Repo! The Genetic Opera again.

Chris Esko, Gameplay Programmer: Watchmen, BSG, Lost, Important Things with Demetri Martin, In Bruges.

Sam Bernstein, QA: Battlestar Galactica, Clone High, and always Futurama.

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: Wait, TVs can show things other than games?

Kurt Kuhlmann, Designer: Watchmen, BSG, Lost, 30 Rock, The Office, The Daily Show, The Unit, Life on Mars.

Jay Woodward, AI Programmer and certainly not a Cylon: Legend of the Seeker, How I Met Your Mother, House, Lost, Burn Notice, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, and Battlestar Galactica; awaiting the next Doctor Who special.

Ryan Salvatore, World Artist: MacGyver for the soul and getting caught up on Battlestar Galactica.

Nathan McDyer, Associate Producer: Watchmen, Office, 30 Rock, Undeclared, Sex Drive, and Hamlet 2.

Gary Noonan, Animator: BSG. Catch-up-viewing…. about 20 DVR’d episodes of Top Gear, a few of Life, and a few of House.

Dan Ross, QA: Coupling, Wedding Singer, maybe Watchmen if I can convince myself it’s worth going to a theater for.

Andrew Scharf: Lost, The Office, 30 Rock, catching up on Battlestar Galactica, and going to see the Watchmen this weekend.

Pete Hines: 24 Season 4, Wake basketball, Watchmen movie.

Brent Krische, QA Tester: Watchmen Motion Comic, Watchmen (feature film), Top Chef (“Hootie!”), Cold Case, Numbers, and some of James Rolfe’s stuff.

Michael Wagner, Marketing: Watchmen movie, Fringe, Battlestar Galactica, KyleXY, Phineas and Ferb, Psych, and Burn Notice.

Daryl Brigner, Level Designer: Season 2 Premier of Breaking Bad!!

Fred Zeleny, Who Already Watched the Watchmen: I caught the midnight showing of Watchmen last night, but I already want to see it again. Also hungrily watching Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Balancing out all of that with lighter fare like How I Met Your Mother, Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder, and rewatching old episodes of Venture Brothers and Arrested Development.

Lindsay Westcott, Marketing Artist: Lost, The Office, Breaking Bad, catching up on Fringe, and the Caps

Jon Paul Duvall, Designer: On TV: BSG, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Arrested Development; Movies: Watchmen; Plays: Ma Lien, Almost Maine (www.marylandensemble.org).

Craig Lafferty, Senior Producer: Watchmen, The Lonely Island Music Videos.

Rob Clark, QA: The Simpsons, Battlestar Galactica, Clone High, Watchmen.

Matt Weil: Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Watchmen.

Matt Killmon, Video Producer: Watchmen, Man on Wire, Battlestar Galactica.

Ashley Cheng, Production Director: Watchmen, Battlestar Galatica, Friday Night Lights, The Daily Show.

Ryan Lea, Programmer: The Office (NEW!), Psych, Watchmen, Sarah Conner Chronicles: Terminator.

Nate Purkeypile, Tyranid Slayer: Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, 30 Rock, Flight of the Conchords and Watchmen.

Michael Lattanzia, QA: The Wizard, Battle Royale, and maybe Watchmen if I make it out this weekend. And maybe checking out Dollhouse finally.

Mike Dulany, Programmer: Watchmen, Battlestar Galactica, Flight of the Conchords, Breaking Bad

Joel Burgess: Deadwood.

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: Watchmen, March Madness (Go Blue…hopefully), Pistons basketball, Battlestar Galactica, 24, Republican Space Rangers, Man on a Wire, The Office, Eastbound and Down, and Lost.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m with Aaron Mitschelen on his answer, but wanted to ask Jay Woodward what he thinks of the new actor taking over the role of Dr. Who? (I had been hoping for Alan Rickman to take over the role, and am not sure I can watch an 18 year old in the role).

  2. I would like to get a laptop that will play Oblivion and Fallout 3. It would be a great advertisement for any laptop if they could brag it can handle Bethesda Soft games! I know you can’t tout a laptop, but could you just make a list of what stats a laptop would require to play them well (not minimum settings)? I had my PC stoked for Oblivion, and still had to put it on medium graphics, had lots of lags.

    Also, will your upcoming games be more Windows Vista friendly? Or will you still be making them to be played with XP? (something I need to know before buying a laptop, lol).

  3. Hey, mALX.

    I don’t know much about Matt Smith, but I did just look up his age; he’s actually 26.

    Not that it matters. Really, the only thing I *need* to know about Matt Smith is Steven Moffat. 🙂

  4. TV? Meh, there’s hardly anything worth watching these days…

    As for Legend of the Seeker, well I’d say read the books by Terry Goodkind (The Sword of Truth) and then see if you feel the same about it.

  5. It was kinda nice that both the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse had better episodes on friday than they’d had in awhile.

  6. As far as TV goes, I’m Watching “Important things with Demetri Martin.
    Books, I just started “Abarat” by Clive barker.
    The last good movie i saw was “The Fall” it’s incredible