New ORE Newsletter


The most recent newsletter for ORE (that’s Oblivion Real Estate) has been released and there’s plenty of great information. There’s a feature on TES Alliance (a group that works to strengthen the Elder Scrolls modding community) written by DarkRider, an interview with Korana (who was interviewed here on the blog awhile back), and the announcement of a new site, Fallout Real Estate (or FORE). Above are two screens from one of the first featured homes on Fallout Real Estate, Princess Megaton Home Expansion by Princess Stomper.

To read about these and more, check out the ORE newsletter here.

Reader Comments

  1. On that same site DTom did an apartment for Rivit City that was Awesome! It even has a sorter, (when you come in from adventuring you dump your load into it and it will automatically place it in the correct designated storage!!) What a great idea that sorter is! I need one of them in my Skingrad house in Oblivion too!