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Plenty of links to share today.

We begin with news on The Pitt. On Friday, you’ll have your first chance to see The Pitt trailer on Gametrailers TV. The show airs Friday night at 1am (or technically, 1am Saturday morning) on Spike. I hope that’s not too confusing — especially with Daylight Savings last week.

Elsewhere on GameTrailers site, you can check out Geoff Keighley’s interview with Todd Howard from this year’s D.I.C.E. Summit. You won’t have to do too much searching, Geoff’s interview with Todd starts within the first minute of the video.

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In my Weekend Update, I pointed you to Todd’s D.I.C.E. presentation being up at IGN. As many pointed out, there were some technical difficulties with the video. Good news: it’s now been broken down into not one, but two videos. Be sure to watch.

At Edge’s website, they’ve got a new list of The 100 Best Games to Play Today. Both Oblivion (#45) Fallout 3 (#37) made their list.

Did you have a chance to play Call of Cthulhu? The guys at Eat.Sleep.Game continue to play the game for their Rebel FM Game Club podcast (think of it has a book club for gamers). Podcasts #2 and #3 are up, and they’ll conclude their session of the game next week.

Finally, if you’re looking for an interesting op/ed, check out Ted Brown’s blog at Gamasutra for his article, “Fallout 3 And The Sixth Sense Of Time.”

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  1. I watched it, and bulletined everyone I know to watch it as well! Looks Awesome and very tough! Looks like I will die a lot in this DLC too! Can’t Wait !!!