New Team Diary, Pitt screens


The Pitt is less than two weeks away from release (March 24th), and we’ve got three new screenshots to share on the Fallout 3 Official Site. The shot above shows your character going after the Trogs with the AutoAxe — a new weapon you’ll come across.

In addition, there’s a new team diary from Jeff Gardiner, who serves as the lead producer for Fallout 3 DLC (and Oblivion’s as well). Jeff’s diary provides some insights into the process of creating DLC for our games. Here’s an excerpt:

Towards the end of the development of a game, there are three pretty well known, but very loosely defined phases, known as Alpha, Beta and finally Gold. Prior to that there are two major phases, Pre-Production and then of course Production itself which is where the bulk of the game goes from documents on paper (or in someone’s gray matter) to the screen where we can all enjoy them. It was right before we went Beta that the decision was made to start thinking about our DLC. Now, before you think we just cut existing content from the game in order to milk our fans, let me explain in more detail how we view these various stages.

To get the full story, and see a couple new concept art pieces from the DLC, read the full diary.

Reader Comments

  1. would love to play this and anchorage, but since fallout is so freakin’ buggy I can’t even update to patch 1.1. without the whole thing crashing…would be nice with a patch that actually fixes these kind of problems…

  2. Definitely won’t be buying any DLC until another bugfix patch is released (to address VATS and HDR issues among other things), and possibly not until the DLC is available via physical media.

  3. This expansion concept looks really really interesting. The graphical presentation of the screen shots is fantastic. Unfortunately, I strongly encourage Bethesda to look into resolving the current list of issues that many users are observing, particularly the glaring problems with VATS that have cropped up with the 1.1 patch.

    (Drunkenmonkey, believe me — the patch not working is a gift.)

    Respond to your community Bethesda, respond to the bugs, show you care about your customers. Silence is a strategy that does not work well in the networked world. You make a great product conceptually, you just need to fine tune the implementation and follow an effective modern model of software development and enterprise resource planning.

    So again, for your sake, the game’s sake, and the sake of the Fallout community. Fix existing issues prior to releasing more DLC.

  4. agreed with the above post.. fix the vats problems and other game breaking issues first then talk about dlc because consumers shouldnt be left with broken products.

    instead of using the money spent on those dlc try using them for the real issues, we already know bethesda loves money but have some consideration for the fans please and dont come up with lies that you go check issues on the forums because with oblivion and morrowind was the same story and little was fixed. go and take the example of the unoficial patches, maybe should be hiring some of them because surely they deserve more to earn more than your testers and patchers..

  5. i disregard my last statement i did not realize the blades were attached to the square and the spokes were like the things on batmans wheels lol p.s. that is one creative weapon. it brings new meaning to don’t play with dad’s power tools…

  6. That was an awesome team diary, Jeff Gardiner should handle all interviews from now on. It was actually easy to read and most of all informative. Made the DLCs sound interesting, especially that Pitt thing.

  7. The Pitt sure looks compelling! Jeff Gardiner’s diary was also a very intersting read, thanks for that.

    Let’s hope the PC users will get a patch before the 24th to undo the damage the 1.1 patch brought to V.A.T.S.
    Not much point in buying The Pitt, if one of the main features of the game is broken.

    But I’m hopeful this will be fixed soon and I can get the Pitt on time!

  8. Fallout 3 is probably the best, most intriguing game I have ever owned/played … I LOVE IT! GREAT JOB Bethesda! However as a PS3 owner, I am feeling a bit discriminated against. Why aren’t any of these updates/add-ons available to us? Don’t we matter too?