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  1. Lol, you and your I-Phone, you need to get stock in it if you are going to advertise it so much! lol. I think your marketing dept. dropped the ball on this, because Fallout lovers of all ages will all want a Pip-Boy gadget to wear. You should have marketed this!

  2. Ya know, I have given a lot of thought to creating a working Pip-Boy and honestly, I don’t think it would be too difficult for someone with a little technical knowledge and a lot of creativity and ingenuity. A working model could include a heart-rate monitor (just because it would be kewl) and an ability to be connected to a laptop/PC to load data and updated online. Perhaps it could be able to download and store maps from Google-Earth or some other map source. Heck, you could even include cellular technology. I saw where some of you mentioned that it could be like an I-Phone … EXACTLY! I am an artist and when I consider the possibilities of something like this in todays technological world … well, let’s just say that I get a bit excited. LOL