Around the web: Updates on The Pitt

Here’s another round of web updates.

While at D.I.C.E., Pete took time to do an interview with Game Trailers. You can watch it above.

Additionally, both VG247 and Totally 360 spoke with Jeff about the DLC. Here’s a look at the latter interview:

The effect of entering Oasis or Operation: Anchorage was quite powerful given what a radical change it was from the Capital Wasteland, can we expect something similar here?

Jeff: The Pitt itself is the vision of several developers who grew up in Pittsburgh.  It’s full of unique architecture that has a different color pallet and feel from downtown D.C.  The buildings are decrepit, but still intact.  The Raider area is filled with their usual displays of disemboweled corpses and spray paint.  Perhaps the most striking part of the Pitt is the bridge that leads into it and the ominous black smog that erupts from the still working Steel Mill.

Finally, Pete was interviewed on Sports Byline, a national sports radio station, to discuss Fallout 3 on their Video Game Review segment. You can listen below.


Reader Comments

  1. All of the interviews were great. I know now to load up and be ready before heading out for The Pitt! I thought you had a choice to be on the side of the Raiders or the Slaves, but according to the interview you HAVE to join the Slaves, which according to an earlier article meant giving up all your items. (which Pete said you should load up on). Which will it be? Either way, I can’t wait!

  2. I was wondering if you guys are going to make any exclusive levels or open any of the newer levels for download for the PS3?? Thank you. Your faithful Fallout 3 playing military guy.