Around the Web: Erik talks about maturing

No, this isn’t like that episode of the Brady Bunch where Peter sings “Time to Change.” Designer Erik J. Caponi is talking about “mature games” in a new Kotaku feature “Growing Up Games: When Will Mature, Mature?” Here’s a snippet of him discussing different definitions of what a mature game is:

“The word really has two meanings when we apply it to media. One is ‘not appropriate for children’ and the other is ‘exploring subject matter in a sophisticated fashion,'” Caponi explains. “Ironically, the word mature when applied to games tends to have a very childish connotation.”

Elsewhere, be sure to also read CG Society’s new interview with Fallout 3 Environment Artist Rashad Redic — previously featured here for Inside the Vault. Given that the interview comes post-release, you’ll get a chance to learn a little more about Rashad’s role and what he worked on for Fallout 3. Here’s an excerpt:

In what ways did you take Fallout3’s day/night cycle into consideration, so that your work looked consistently good in all the various light models and times of day?

Rashad: We use these full screen image processes similar to how film is tinted to color grade our environments, and we actually spent a lot of time tweaking the day and night cycles along with these image processes to give us the look we wanted. In our editor you can scrub through the different times of day and see how the color shifts affect the art, and we were very mindful of our color palette and art style throughout that process.

I guess I missed it when I put up Pete’s Gametrailers interview from D.I.C.E., but there’s also a new one with Todd. Watch it above.

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This week, OXM UK honored Fallout 3 with two awards: Best RPG and Game of the Year (as voted by readers). We’re honored and humbled by these awards, and thank the readers that voted for us. If you’d like to watch the OXM Awards, a video feed is available here.

You might not know it, but there are awards given out for marketing in videogames, too. The 2009 MI6 finalists have been announced and Fallout 3 received 13 nominations. Hats off to Pete and everyone else who worked on these.

Finally, I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Game Informer HQ. While we’re still cracking on Fallout 3 DLC, writer Nick Ahrens is already coming up with ideas for a new Elder Scrolls title.

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  1. Read the “Growing up Gaming” article. I agree, i just wish it would happen SOONER than LATER! i’m getting old, and i want to play something intellectually stimulating! I’m back to playing Oblivion again… 600+hours

  2. I agree to that statement from “Growing up Gaming”, there are examples of games with “Teen” rating that by far surpass some “Mature” games by intellectual value and overal quality of content.