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  1. crazy, i signed up for twitter on the same day as bethesda.

    and my sentiments about twitter were exactly the same.

    i kind of wish it would have faded away

  2. Wait, you’re just posting the codes as a tweet, and whoever enters them first into Xbox/Windows Live get the download?

  3. I say if your going to do the twitter code thing don’t just post the code. Make it fun for everyone like a quick guess something contest. Then DM the winner the code. You just have to check your @ replies. So many people sit on twitter all day with open so they can copy and paste the codes. I’m not saying this because I want to win, I plan on buying it the second it hits the marketplace!

  4. I agree with the person above me. The average person on Twitter has no chance to win DLC/XBLA codes, thrown up on Twitter. There are people on there that have it down to a science and consistently win, time after time.

    Assassin is right. There are people who load up IE, just to win these Twitter code contests. With it, you just go to marketplace on the web and paste the entire code into the space. In any other browser, you have to do them one at a time. In IE, you just paste the whole code at once.

    Don’t make us load up IE, Bethesda. Please don’t. =]

  5. Yeah, on mine there is “Red Exclamation Points” everywhere, & it looks like there is mistakes on the graphics!! You can see through buildings, walls, etc. SOMEONE FIX!!!

  6. Doh I got the Pitt this morning and so far have experienced major glitches in the form of giant floating red exclamation marks which i follow into vision glitch traps, and every time ive tried to get into downtown the game freezes.

    I got up early this morning to get the pitt and play it before work, sometimes it doesnt pay to be the first. Early bird catches the worm indeed 🙁

  7. I’m glad you guys are on Twitter but can I suggest you follow some other people, too? Otherwise, you’re just using it to advertise, not socialize which feels a little dirty.

  8. It’s nice to see developers giving something back to the gamers. I managed to get the Fable 2 DLC from the Lionhead blog where they post codes regularly. I have been lurking on twitter, no luck yet, but I guess you are all busy fixing the Live problem hope you get it sorted soon. I like the idea of working for the code like Assassin Suggested.

  9. First off, if you squelched on work to play a video game, no sympathy. Plenty of jobless folks out there that would have gladly filled in for you.

    As for the glitches, a game isn’t complete until you’ve let your faithful followers take it for a test run. I’m sure BSW is hard at it and will be ready soon. (hopefully someone backed up the uncorrupted file on a jump drive or something)

    One last thing before I go have my evening beverage… just say no to Twitter. When my congressman started to tweet, I knew the world was ending… hmm, fitting…

  10. Yeah, well maybe this will help. Those guys that sit on twitter all day probably don’t have jobs and therefore can’t afford the $10 for the DLC anyways. That being said, I, too, wished that this worked the first time. Here’s hoping that the new version goes well.

  11. I’ve reloaded The Pitt and as soon as I see the slavers from whom I’m to get the clothes, the whole thing freezes.
    I’ve tried a few times now, and seeing as I was playing Anchorage last night without a blip, I assume it’s the new DLC and not my Xbox/disc causing this.

    Please don’t leave it to be a ‘luck of the draw’ as to whether people get to play it or not. My favourite game since I started playing them in the mid seventies.

  12. “I’m glad you guys are on Twitter but can I suggest you follow some other people, too? Otherwise, you’re just using it to advertise, not socialize which feels a little dirty.”

    I feel a little dirty every time I think about Todd HowMMPH-!

    Security: *YOINK*

  13. ya just like everyone else is saying i have been haveing some major troubles with the game freezing up on me when i go into the arena and in some other parts of the game