Issues with The Pitt (updated again)


We are continuing to look into the issues people are experiencing with The Pitt for Xbox 360. As of now it looks like the file for the English version on Xbox Live was somehow corrupted. We are currently working with Microsoft to remove the existing file off of Live to prevent any further downloads. Our plan is to replace it with a new file as soon as possible. We hope to have another update for you shortly.

Update: The Pitt DLC is now uploading and should be available for download sometime this evening. When it is up, we’ll let everyone know.

Reader Comments

  1. I have downloaded this DLC a number of times to my PC and I still can’t get the radio message. I have tried to find the guy in the NW of the map but still no success. When will this be fixed??? Any suggestions on how I can use this DLC??? (other than the scrap heap)

  2. I’ve just asked for a refund. The Pitt still doesn’t work and I really don’t want to start a new game in an attempt to get it to work, which was the last suggestion I received from Tech support.

    Anyone else have a problem with The Pitt locking up your XBOX?

  3. Oh, yeah, Daniel. I lock up in EXACTLY the same spot. Seems you and I have exactly the same issue with The Pitt.

  4. well for starters i love all your games,i dont know if any 1 has had this prob but it tells me the game is unreadable.if i uninstall it from my HD then it works.

  5. it just stops working for me whenever i get neer the pitt tunel to get a slave outfit. this hole thimg is pissing me off

  6. Hey i just downloaded the pitt and it’s not working at all? Do you have to be connected to xbox live to play the pitt? You didn’t have to with Anchorage. I go to the pitt then saved and it boots me out of there every time im disconnected? Whats up with that? You have to be connected?

  7. PC version Every time i try to acquire the slave outfit i get within 3 Feet the slave traders Game CTD (CTD=Crashes to desktop)

  8. Everytime I get close to the tunnel or to get the slave outfit it freezes my 360. I have Deleted, cleaned cache, reinstalled updates and am waiting for you to fix this soon!!!

  9. ON VISTA PC the main game playes fine. the pitt download played on windowslive
    freezes up continually while in the wastelands.just uploaded on apr 21st. I havent found a cure also loaded 1.0 and 1.4 and a pitt fix file still dosent work.
    any ideas?

  10. im my version of the pitt there is a place where i cant walk. its on the way up to the 12 ingots in the steel mill. i just fall thought the floor. any help?

  11. Dunno what Bethesda are talking about. I bought a brand spanking new dvd copy of anchorage/pitt from my local news store and it still freezes up. Doesn’t sound like a problem with xbl to me, sounds like they have released ropey product again. Will never buy any of their products again.

  12. my problem is after i downloaded brokensteel and point look out. i keep falling in to a dead space and have to reload and it never goes away. i’ve made like three file and it all ways happens.

  13. I purchased all XBOX360 add-on fromt he XBOXLive Market place, I am not sure when I purchased each one, however I MAY have purchased the older version of THE PITT, it’s possible. So far I have only played through Operation Anchorage, and have had NO issues with hat what-so-ever, however I have been attempting to play through THE PITT and have found lots of the Red exclamation point areas mentions, I have found I can completely leave the map space and there-for walk around the river and wander through The Pitt without Being able to find anyone to interact with.

    I re-loaded from a save before I did all this, and I tried to play through THE PITT normally however I cannot enter Downtown, the game simply freezes when I attempt this. =(

    If this was fixed in March shouldn’t I have downloaded a patch for the content automatically? Do I need to re-download the content? a little help would be nice here.


  14. i know this a little over a year later but it’s why i’m so peeved about my situation. i downloaded the pitt for the xbox version a couple weeks ago and everything is fine except the terrain gives out in certain(vital) areas for the steel ingots particularly the roof on which you continue up the stairs on the giant smoke stack,the roof disappears right at the end of the wall just before the stairs.

    should this not have been fixed after all this time. i’ve left the area and re-entered, saved reloaded, restarted my xbox, and deleted and re downloaded the dlc file. none of these have been successful in fixing the problem

  15. i ran into the slavers before i met the guy to get into the pitt. needless to say, i sold the slave outfit for a few caps way earlier in the game. now i cant get into the pitt at all. this is so frustrating. any help would be appreciated.