The Pitt is back up on Xbox LIVE


The English version of The Pitt is now available for download on Xbox Live. If you downloaded the (corrupted) file that was originally available, you will need to delete it before downloading the new version. If you haven’t deleted DLC content before, here’s the steps you’ll want to take:

  • Sign in to Xbox LIVE then press the guide button
  • Go to Settings->System Settings->Memory.
  • From here, scroll down to Fallout 3 and press A.
  • Select Fallout 3: The Pitt (Marketplace Content) press A then choose Delete, then Yes to Delete (make sure not to delete any of your game saves)

Once the original version is deleted, those that already purchased the content can re-download The Pitt again free of charge.

Thanks to everyone for their patience…we hope you enjoy The Pitt. Above is a picture of a cake former Pittsburgh resident Fred Zeleny brought in to celebrate the release.

Reader Comments

  1. I want to say I support the cake. Cake is good for all things. So there are some bugs? Yes, but they’ll be fixed, everyone lay back, it’s just a few hours.

    Though personally, I’m waiting until Broken Steel so I have 10 hours of content. That way I feel like I bought a new game for $20.

  2. Hi Bethesda,
    Cool that you guys got the Pitt DLC back online, but I can’t seem to use my save anymore, it freezes as soon as I get into the Slaver Camp area… This is a real shame because it’s the only saved progress I have left, and I did spend about 104 hours playing Fallout 3 just to get to this point… (I’m sure I’m not the only one here…)
    Is there any way this save file can be fixed? Or is Bethesda looking into fixing this issue? Please let me know, I left my email address…

  3. The slave outfit problem DOES have everything to do with THE 1.4 UPDATE, and is the obvious cause.

    It added support for multiple DLC in the Capital Wastes, and without of it there will be problems exatly like the one you are having.

  4. CRASHES before I reach the marker where I am supposed to get the slave outfit. This seems a common prob looking at the comments.

  5. There’s still major freezing problems going on with this, Bethesda. I do plan on downloading this DLC, as Fallout 3 is just one of my favorite games at the moment, but you’re not getting a cent out of me until you at least make it playable. I’ll always expect glitches due to the huge scope and size of games like this, but releasing a DLC that is impossible to play, and than re-releasing a supposedly “fixed” version, and still having MAJOR freezing and graphical errors is just unacceptable.

  6. I am so happy that The Pitt is finally up! I was off work on Tuesday and after all the downloading and deleting I ended up cleaning the house waiting for the news. So…some good came of the disappointment!

    I have to ask; did anyone think for a second, as I did, that the first huge exclamaion point was a Nintendo game-esque “marker” to show that something worth looking at was underneath? Haha! I thought “what is THIS crap”? “is Bethesda catering for THAT type of gamer now”?! I was actually relieved that this was not the case!

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of the company’s efforts and not once did I wish the staff ill fortune like so many people did. I was appauled to see comments such as “that’s Bethesda for you”. I know that whatever problems that came up in the past were always taken care of and that Behesda is one of the best game machines out there. They produce quality games; my favorite games. So, yes, there was no need for the reactions of some people. Shame!

    As for the whole “OMG, I’m going to have to spend another $10” hysteria, did anyone REALLY think that Microsoft (even though they love the $$) would have done that? Nah!

    So, Jaime (me) is very happy! She is off work again and playing one of her favorite games by her loves, Behesda!

    Just wanted to add….kudos to putting so many more bobby pins into loot and on Trogs! I needed them badly!

    Please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors as I am typing from my iPhone and it’s predictive dictionary is quite stealthy and before you realize it, it’s changes your original word to something that you never intended and is completely confusing in the context that it’s in. Also, I cannot scroll up to check my message again. So…..I’m sure it’s fine.

    Thanks for the quick fix Bethesda!

    GirlJaime loves you…..and so does Mr. Jingles (my character).

  7. Still freezing, have deleted and reloaded 3 times now, have tried with multiple saves and it just freezes up when going to get the stuff from the slavers, have tried to approach the place from multiple areas but to no avail, please pull it again until it is fixed!!

  8. I have only downloaded “the fixed version” to my Xbox 360 Pro. My game freezes as I approach the slavers. I have tried multiple saves/leveled characters with the same results.

    I have had very little problems with Fallout 3 until now.

    I have also cleared the cache and have V1.4 Still freezes in the same spot.

  9. Why do you refuse to put up English language DLCs on German XboxLive, making it impossible for owners of the English version of Fallout3 to get their hands on the DLC?

  10. Why do you refuse to put up English language DLCs on German XboxLive, making it impossible for owners of the English (x360) version of Fallout3 to get their hands on the DLC?

  11. Its not working, first time installing (I never had the original “corrupted” file)

    It crashes after talking to the guy about the pitt. Anytime I get near the band of slavers, it crashes. I have a level 20 character, one quest away from beating the game.

    Seems like in the forums there’s a bunch of folk having the same problem :/ With characters that are level 20 and one quest away from beating the game.

    So far I haven’t heard any word from Bethesda acknowledging the problem. Please guys, at least acknowledge there’s a bug. Software has bugs, I can accept that long as I know there’s a crew working on a solution.

  12. Yeah, I tried the cache clear, and I have version on my display. I have never downloaded the DLC prior to the “updated” version being released. The Auto-save feature “corrupts” constantly, at least that what it says if I go to load it “This save is corrupted and cannot be loaded”. SPOILER! I am also being attacked by invisible raiders when I steal the baby. I hear the auto-axe going, and I am taking damage but there is no one there? I know you all are working hard, just wondering if there is anything else I can try? I have had a copy of bugs here and there in the regular game, but I feel like I some how downloaded the beta version or something.

  13. Have deleted and downloaded it again, have tried using other saves, have tried everything and yet it still freezes up, am very bugged by this bug, going back to lost and damned until this is sorted!!

  14. Any official word on the fact that the game is obviously still broken? I downloaded both Operation:Anchorage and The Pitt yesterday and started on The Pitt today. I’d heard about the original corrupt file so waited until a new version was up and downloaded it and I’m having the same problem everyone else is, the game just hangs after I’ve talking to Wehrner and am on my way to see the slavers about getting a disguise. An official acknowledgement that there are still bugs to be fixed would be appreciated.

  15. PS, in case it’s relevant, I downloaded Operation: Anchorage, played around half of it, checked to see if The Pitt was up yet, saw that it was, downloaded it and went back and completed Operation: Anchorage before starting on The Pitt.

  16. I am 100% sure that the 1.4 update fixes the problems. I downloaded it and mine works fine. The update adds support for multiple DLC, and without it you will encounter the exact problems described.

  17. WAIT WHAT?!

    I have re-downloaded The Pitt three times, cleared my cache, loaded original saves, and STILL my game freezes after I approach the area to get the Slave outfit.

    I have been disusing this for quite some time now on the Xbox Forums, and ALOT of us are have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. Great, now instead of it freezing in the middle of Pittsburgh, it freezes at the beginning of the damn quest!!!


  18. Is anything being sorted for us level 20 people as it is SO frustrating!!!(my level 5 other character can get into it by why not my high level character!!

  19. I downloaded “the Pitt” DLC today, March 26, although I knew of the problems experienced on it’s release date two days ago. I figured this must have been corrected seeing how Microsoft is commercializing it on the main Xbox Live page. I guess that was a mistake on my part. My game, like so many others, freezes right before you attempt to get to the slavers to switch outfits. I’ve turned the system off, erased the download and tried to upload it again, used multiple save points, but each time get the same frozen screen. I’m a big Fallout 3 + Bethesda fan, but seriously, why release it and highlight this content if it doesn’t work and continues to have bugs after it was “fixed”?

  20. didn’t download the first DLC

    i downloaded the second DLC

    xbox360 lockage when entering slave outfit are

    will patiently wait for patch

    thank you

  21. Look, stop saying it’s the 1.4 patch. Maybe it doesn’t work right, but many people who have the patch are still having serious problems.

  22. Is anyone ever going to address this issue where it hangs trying to go to the second objective? A lot of people are having the exact same problem.

    Oh, and by the way, no it has nothing to do with not having 1.4, since I don’t think you can even opt to play without 1.4 on the 360! I don’t know about everyone else, but my 360 tells me I need to update the game before I can play on ANY game. My system has been on 1.4 since before I even downloaded The Pitt, and is having the same hanging problems everyone else is reporting.

    This problem isn’t just going to go away, and those of us who paid for this content but can’t use it would really appreciate at least some sort of acknowledgment that you aren’t just ignoring the problem.

  23. Look Bethesda, all I’m looking for is an acknowledgement that there is a problem and its being looked into. I don’t need a date written in blood, just that you’ll be working on it will do fine.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk but: I paid $10 and if there’s going to a be head in the sand approach (and no further discussion of said problem other than redownload, clear cache and update), I’d like my money back for a product I cannot use. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to but I physically can’t.

    Here are the facts:
    I never downloaded the corrupted version. I’ve rarely experienced so much as a glitch. Fallout is up to date, I didn’t even think I had a choice in this manner but I am running 1.4. I cleared my cache. I’ve redownloaded the add-on.

    None of these things works. A good number of players are experiencing the same freeze point as me. I go to approach the slavers and I can’t. The game freezes without missing a beat every time I get relatively near the area I’m supposed to go to. Like many of the people, I have a level 20 character one quest away from beating the main game.

    This glitch is completely rehabilitating and renders the new content usable save the interaction with the first guy from the Pitt.

  24. Yeah um, it still freezes when I try to get the Slave outfit. It did it to me about 5 times and I gave up. Worst 800 points I’ve ever spent.

  25. im having alot of issues with this dlc i paid my 800 points i got the game on release date and it didnt work i wait a day and finally get it and im level 20 with only the 1 quest left and i have experienced 4 glitches now that have either froze my xbox or made me revert to previous saves. this is bullshit and i would like some compensation here.

  26. I’m having the same freezing issues. Cache, re-download, 1.4, everything checks out. Please at least acknowledge that this is being worked on.

  27. Update: I loaded my alternate character (lv20, only main story quests completed) and the Pitt worked just fine. However, on my main (lv20, all quests completed), it still freezes just short of the slaver camp. Hope this helps.

  28. I am having the same problem as many others on here. I go to the area to get the slave outift after meeting Werscher and my game freezes. I downloaded yesterday evening, avoiding the original corrupted file from Tuesday. I have deleted the add on and re-downloaded 4 times now. I’ve tried from different save points and have cleared the cache with no luck. Any suggestions or updates? That would be most appreciated.


    Please read:

    Operation: Anchorage saves and gear totally missing after downloading The Pitt DLC. Chinese Stealth Armor, Shock Sword and rifle GONE. When I go back and try to re-play the saves during Anchorage, the file is totally missing and I’m sent naked to Vault 101.

    Thank you.
    MagicWhiskey on Twitter, Magic Whiskey on LIVE.

  30. I also have the same problem as Greg. I have tried deleting and re-downloading 4 times now and nothing works. I have tried clearing the cache and using different saves with no luck. I never downloaded the corrupted version and the game still locks up on the 2nd objective.

    Any guidance or assitance on this issue that appears widespread would be most appreciated.

  31. You all need to quit celebrating with cake, and about these awards you’ve won. You delayed this game a month, released a faulty version, and then re-released a version that you claimed was fixed and was STILL FAULTY.

    Either release another patch, or pay every person you’ve tricked into buying this their ten dollars back.

  32. Just wanted to mention I’m also experiencing a freeze when attempting to obtain some slaver outfits. I’m lvl 20 (165 hours on x360) but still several quests away from finishing. Tried several variations of deleting/downloading/cache-clearing/different-saves and none of them seem to work. I cannot enter The Pitt. But I feel like I’m already in the pits…

  33. I have been having the same problem with the game freezing on my way to the second objective of obtaining slave clothes.

    I have the 1.4 update and I cleared the cache. I purchased the game on 3/25 so I should not have ever downloaded the corrupted version, but I deleted the file and re-downloaded it anyway.

    I was able to bypass the bug by going back to an old save when my character was at Level 9; however, I think that for $10 I should be able to play with my Level 20 character.

    I am very upset by the quality of this download and I expect this bug to be fixed.

  34. I am having the same problem as everyone else here describes. Downloaded the latest Xbox 360 version yesterday, and it freezes up solid every time I go to get the slave outfit. It locks up to the point that I have to power down the console, even opening the tray doesn’t get the locked image to budge.

    How about an update, Bethesda??

  35. There are still Problems with the pitt for Xbl!!!

    I, and many others are facing a freezing problem.

    Please get this checked out.

    My version (updated one) is non-playable.

    please look into it.

  36. Is there any chance of patches on the 360 version for repairing guns eqipment etc that dont require a visit to a trader or combining similar items? I beleive that this is possible on the PC version as I have the three types of power axe and it is a pain finding the traders.
    Also is there any prospect of additional music for the radio station, or what about the option of using music stored on the Xbox hard drive?
    I would be more than happy to pay for these options as I am sure would many others.

  37. This might go a bit too far, but I’m asking it anyway, you never know. I live in Europe (Switzerland) and therefore I am accessing the European XboxLive Platform. Since the first DLC (Operation Anchorage) was downloadable in English, I hoped to do the same with The Pitt (I have bought my copy of Fallout 3 in England, so I guess it would be the smart thing to do an stick with language of the original game to avoid further issues). Now, till yesterday evening 11:00pm MEZ, the marketplace had only the German and French Version of The Pitt on display. Long story short: If you upload the fixed english version of The Pitt, will I be able to download it as well from the European XboxLive Marketplace, is there a delay, or won’t this version be put online for Europe at all?

    Oh and thank you guys for the best game since Ueda’s SotC!

  38. I’m experiencing the same freezing problems near the slave outfit area. I just want to add that i deleted the pitt, and then i was actually able to walk in there no problem. so i saved in that area and redownloaded the pitt. now it freezes in the loading screen. i’m on a 360 and haven’t downloaded the corrupt version, only the supposedly fixed one.

  39. Just to throw my hat in as well: I downloaded the content on XBox 360 after it was changed. I am having the same issue described by many others here: it completely freezes when I go to approach the area near the tunnel where the slavers are to get the slave outfit. It locks up so bad that even opening the disc tray does nothing, I have to turn the console completely off and back on. Bethesda, please just let us know you are looking into this!

  40. I never downloaded the corrupt version of The Pitt and I also am getting the freezing just before reaching the Slavers. 🙁

  41. NOOOOOOOOO! this totally sux!!!!! I purposly waited until today to download and guess what? it is still broken! I even called 360 support (outsourced to the Phillipine Islands)…..C’mon guys, show me some luv and fix this!!!!!!!!

  42. Guess I am on of many having the problem where the hole game freezes when I get close to the slavers to get the outfit. If your a PC, please post later about the GOOD EXPERIENCE, thank you. As you can read a lot of us 360 users are really hurt by this blow from this bug. Guess I’ll be waiting in this virtual line with the rest of the gamers to play the new DLC, PLEASE BETHESDA, FIX THIS BUG!!

  43. some free advice! u guys better do some damage control and offer something to your loyal fans in compensation for this horrific event! some free pic pack or ingame apparel, weapon, etc……..or Beth might be on Capitol Hill along with AIG!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!

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    As mentioned in other threads, we’re working on the issue.