The Pitt is back up on Xbox LIVE


The English version of The Pitt is now available for download on Xbox Live. If you downloaded the (corrupted) file that was originally available, you will need to delete it before downloading the new version. If you haven’t deleted DLC content before, here’s the steps you’ll want to take:

  • Sign in to Xbox LIVE then press the guide button
  • Go to Settings->System Settings->Memory.
  • From here, scroll down to Fallout 3 and press A.
  • Select Fallout 3: The Pitt (Marketplace Content) press A then choose Delete, then Yes to Delete (make sure not to delete any of your game saves)

Once the original version is deleted, those that already purchased the content can re-download The Pitt again free of charge.

Thanks to everyone for their patience…we hope you enjoy The Pitt. Above is a picture of a cake former Pittsburgh resident Fred Zeleny brought in to celebrate the release.

Reader Comments

  1. Like many others here, I downloaded “fixed” version of The Pitt on XBL and have had nothing but trouble with it. Freezes every time I approach the slavers/tunnel. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded a few times to no avail. The file size that is on XBL is about 492 MB. I’ve read on a couple of other boards that the file’s supposed to be around 600 MB. Hopefully it can be fixed properly soon.

  2. so whats the word on getting this product working for everyone………
    still a lot of people on the Bethesda official forums having problems with the DLC freezing the game forcing a need to reboot!!
    Anyone at Bethesda want to explain why this issue is happening for some people and not others?? or will you continue to turn a blind eye on it???

  3. I had the same problem with being level 20 and i was on the main story quest with the liberty prime robot.
    liberty prime was jamming and would not move so i could not do the quest.
    and of course i also could not do the pitt because of the problem with that.
    so this problem were having stopped me from playing the pitt and my main quest story that i put 70 hours into.
    i started a new game and the pitt works great
    but my 70 hour file is not usable so that sucks

  4. I’ve received several questions about game saves. We highly recommend using game saves made prior to the DLC content being loaded to your game.

    Left by gstaff on March 25th, 2009

    To bad for me huh i only had the 1 file.

    please fix this it would be nice to use my 70 hour file on the pitt.

  5. gstaff, I appreciate your dealing with this. I thin we were all just caught a bit off guard by the issue. I would however like to see an official article discussing the problems or a patch to fix it within a week.

  6. Good job with The Pitt, guys and gals. It looks terrific and the new weapons and armor are entertaining. The silenced assault riffle is nice, if not a little weak, but effective.

    Here is some criticism for you guys to digest. I (and I don’t think I’m alone here) was expecting more from this DLC. Aside from the three viable missions and a treasure hunt through a scrap yard, there really isn’t much here. While most of the NPCs have dialogue, none of them provide any side quests or opportunities to explore this truly beautiful world you built.
    Whatever you have planned for the final DLC had better be something to the tune of “Oblivion’s” Shivering Isles add on. We all want another 6-8 hours of Fallout filled with action and true depth. A mere three quests hardly does your work on The Pitt justice. There could have been soooo much more here.

    Food for thought.
    Thanks for the hard work and I look forward to the next DLC.

  7. I accidentally used the slave outfit to repair a wastelander outfit, i can’t get into the pitt now, where can i get a new slave outfit? ugh… 10$ and a small mistake, now either re-start or not play the Pitt… help

  8. Finished The Pitt after about 5 hours of play (got absolutely addicted to tracking down every last steel ingot). I did download the corrupted version, but made sure to delete all the saves I made while using it and delete and re download the new version of The Pitt. After doing all that it worked perfectly! I loved the storyline, it was a lot more bleak than I anticipated and really set a dark atmosphere. I initially hated losing my gear, but using the stuff you get from The Pitt provided a nice challenge that would not have been there I had just stormed in Winterized T-51b-clad and wielding a Gauss Rifle. I loved the new weapons, especially the Metal Blaster. Even collecting those steel ingots proved fun due to the fact that The Steelyard is just so damn huge, that area was so well made and fun to traverse. I’m glad I spent the money to get this and you definitely have a buyer for Broken Steel.

    Well done Bethesda.

  9. I downloaded the content last night, after i find the source of the signal and approach the railroad tunnel the game will freeze and i will have to power down the system. This is crap, please fix the bug so i can enjoy what i paid for.

  10. It keeps freezing for me whenever I try to get the slave outfit. I didn’t download the corrupted one and now this one isn’t working.

    Left by Stephen on March 25th, 2009

    Same thing for me

  11. Add me to the list of people who can’t get near the train station. Never downloaded the original “bad” file, but the “fixed” file still locks up whenever I get near the slaver camp. I tried coming at it from many different directions but it doesn’t make a difference. This is my favorite game ever, but this is very frustrating. I hope this gets fixed soon!

  12. please fix the pitt so it does not freeze every damn time all i wanna to do is play through it and not being able to is killing me

  13. first off i would like to say that i am a big fan of fallout3 and bethesda.i have had some issues regarding the pitt and it freezing before the slave traders, like so many others. it would be gretly apprieciated if you guys could address and fix the issue and if not you refund everyone there ten dollars. i don’t want to offend any one with this message. BETHESDA FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE.=(

  14. Well, the “fixed” xbox DLC is shite, as well.

    I only ever dl’d the updated file and it freezes on approach to the slaver tunnel. Every. Damn. Time.

    How about next time, you make SURE your g.d. update WORKS before you make it available? Take an extra day. We’ll wait.

    Two strikes, Bethesda. Nice cake, though.

  15. Overview/Synopsis:

    My issue is on the Xbox 360 – freezing after DLC

    Background Details:

    My Character is level 20.

    The following Main Quests have been completed:

    Growing up Fast, Future Imperfect, Escape!, Following in His Footsteps, Galaxy News Radio, Scientific Pursuits, Tranquility Lane, The Waters of Life, Picking up the Trail, Rescue from Paradise, Finding the Garden of Eden, The American Dream. All of Take it Back except for going back to the Jefferson Memorial. I actually completed it, but went back to an earlier save and stopped short so that I could explore with Fawkes to find every nook and cranny that we could. I even explored what was left of Rockopolis and retrieved the holo-tape.

    The following Side Quests have been completed:

    Big Trouble in Big Town, The Superhuman Gambit, The Wasteland Survival Guide, Those!, The Nuka Cola Challenge, Head of State, The Replicated Man, Blood Ties, Oasis, The Power of the Atom, Tenpenny Tower (Roy Phillips). Strictly Business, You Gotta Shoot Em in the Head, Stealing Independence, Trouble on the Homefront, Agatha’s Song, Reilly’s Rangers.

    Unmarked Quests Completed:

    Jiggs’ Loot, Election Day, Grady’s Package, Cherry’s Freedom, Leo’s Drug Habit, Just for the Taste of It, The Lost Initiate, A Manhandled Manservant, A Sticky Situation, Gallows Humor, Hired Help, Jp Stash Note, A Broken Robot, A Nice Day for a Right Wedding, Council Seat, Our Little Secret, Worst Doctor Ever, Biwwy’s Wazer Wifle, Bully the Bully, Tales of the Wastes, Caching in with Three Dog, High Plains Drifter, The Runaways, Suicide Watch, Overdose, Lincoln’s Profit Margins, Keller Family Refuge, Reign of Grelok, Walter’s Scrap Metal, This Old House, Yearning for Learning: Scribe Pre War Books, Murphy’s Bombing Run, Collecting Holotags, Water Beggars, Church Donations, I want to Drink your blood, The Outcast collection agent, Fungus Deal, Geomapping with Reilly, Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit, Mississippi Quantum Pie, Ryan Briggs’ Wondermeat, Zip’s Nuka Fix.

    The Issue and Repro Steps:
    I heard about the problems with the original DLC that was posted on the 24th. I waited and downloaded the DLC from Xbox Live on Thursday 3/26 at 3 pm PST.

    I started the game (Fawkes was with me) and within seconds we received the broadcast from Wernher.

    I set the active quest to the Pitt.

    Then I traveled with Fawkes to the radio tower and killed some slavers and talked with Wernher.

    Activated the side quest to get slaves clothes. Proceeded West towards cave entrance to the Pitt (indicated by marker on the map).

    Just northeast of Fort Constantine, near the water tower, experienced a major texture glitch where you walk under the mountain..the texture is not even there.. I have screen caps.

    Second saw an Enclave Eyebot about 50 feet up in the air, and an enclave soldier. Fawkes started firing at the soldier, but the soldier didn’t move. I targeted with the VATS. All fire went through the soldier.. the soldier never moved. You could hear the audio from the eyebot. I was able to walk right through the soldier. Fawkes was stuck in an endless loop firing his laser gatlin at the soldier.

    I had to start from my initial save and
    repeat the steps, but left Fawkes at my house in Megaton. Proceeded toward the map marker north/northwest of Fort Constantine. Just west of Fort Constantine..the 360 froze and I had to reboot. This happened a couple of times then I decided to call support. (Note…this happens every time I try to play the DLC).
    I deleted the DLC and any saves associated with it.
    I started my game and played (minus the DLC) and could walk all around the area where the entrance to the PITT should freezes..although the texture bug is still present.

    Redownloaded the DLC. Same issue.

    Called support and they said that I would be called or emailed by Friday 3/27. Still no call or email. Called support back and they said to look on the Forums/BethBlogs because they just received an email that Bethesda was aware of the continued issue and I would have to speak to a tier 2 support agent.

    So.. I am stuck, with unplayable DLC for a game I really like.

    My question is the same as others echoed here: How was this not caught in testing? Was testing done outside a “sandbox” environment, using a real-world account and hardware?

    Something this large should NOT have made it through systems test, release test, or production test.

    Part of the test cases and test sets would, at the very minimum, to test with a user account of each level, up to twenty and of each of the three Karma levels – Good, Neutral, Bad..not that hard to do really.
    Just my two cents.. my email is attached as required in the post.

  16. i have the same “cirlce of death” issues when approaching the entrance-area after talking to wherner…

    it always says “the english version is corrupted” in here. i´ve downloaded the german version in austria and this version has the freezes all the same.

    if modders can patch the addon (pc verison) within 24 hours, why is bethesda still sleeping?!

    good morning over there, get up and fix the DLC!
    we paid for it!

  17. Well, let’s just say, as much as I’d like to pay a good dollar (or euro in my case) for The Pitt – as long as you’re keeping your language policy active in the EU territories, I won’t touch any kind of DLC that you release – people speaking all kinds of languages are living throughout Europe and you stay close-fisted with your policy of only releasing certain languages to certain regions. As an American working throughout Europe and living in Germany, I can’t understand why you don’t wanna leave the choice up to me – but I get it, globalisation is ok for companies, but not for your customers..

  18. Just going to say what others have probably already said. The Pitt is still freezing upon approach to the slavers to grab a slavers outfit. I dl’ed the content yesterday (so one can assume that content is the supposed *fixed/patched* content and still freezing.

    I have enjoyed Fallout 3 immensely; including Operation Anchorage, so I’m sure this content will be worth every penny as well. So hopefully this finally gets fixed once and for all, and very soon.

    Thank you,

  19. has anyone made any official statement on this problem? my game freezes just like all those others and I feel like i just wasted $10

  20. Having the same problems with freezing after talking to wernher, but before acquiring the slave outfit. Sure would be nice if bethesda would acknowledge these problems.

  21. I’ve re-installed as suggested and the game still freezes if I go anywhere near the slavers and tunnel to the Pitt in capital wasteland.

    So it’s no better and freezes about 2 minutes into the Pitt content. Will there be another “fix” or should I be asking Microsoft for my points back?



  22. Then you should probably remove the part about The Pitt being on XBox Live and remove the DLC from Live until ALL of it is fixed.

  23. i’ve downloaded, deleted, re-downloaded, cleared caches, erased saved games and The Pitt still doesn’t play. It freezes everytime I get close to the Slavers.

  24. Lets all chip in and buy “Public Relations for Dummies” and send it to Bethesda.
    Brought to you by the authors of “Beta Testing for Dummies”

    On second thought use the money I already spent to buy The Pitt.

    I think they may be giving us a heads up with the
    title “Broken Steel” dlc.

  25. My son and I both play Fallout 3 on the same console. In the Pitt quest my game freezes at the same spots as those above. My son, on the other hand, gets through to the tunnel and beyond with no problems (thanks Bethesda). I have over 500 hours so I sure hope you find a fix besides starting over.

  26. Any chance you can give us a update eg. “we’re still working on the problem and we appreciate your patience”. You know, a little nugget to show you care.

  27. *Sobs* Itsnever worked for me….What ussually happens is I get the pitt option randomely, and if I dont play and finish it, I start off at vault 101, my game having no memory of ever playing the pitt. But recently new problems have emerged to where I would get the radio signal out of no where, i’d go to the pitt and it would lock up wherever it wanted, and me a very unhappy person. Its been like a year later and it still does this. But also very recently this has effected my radio on the game, I no longer have three dogs signal…I’ve reloaded my game countless time’s. I know he was not killed or anything of the sort and this only happened after the most recent attempt of the going to the pitt. I have done the mission to get the signal everywhere. And I just dont understand why this happened only right after I tryed to do a failure run of the pitt. I just don’t see how it could be anything else causing the problem other than the pitt *sigh*