Fallout 3 wins GOTY, Best Writing at Game Developers Choice Awards


GDC is currently going on in San Francisco, and at last night’s Game Developers Choice Awards, Fallout 3 came away with two awards — Best Writing and Game of the Year.

If you’d like to watch the awards, check out the video on Gamespot. At the 18:30 mark, Emil accepts the Best Writing award, and several members from the team accept the Game of the Year award at the 47:20 mark.

Reader Comments

  1. Many congratulations guys! You all deserve it. Fallout 3 is by far my favorite game of the year, and all time. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! you guys look like smurfs xD and congatulations =) im playing the game the 3d time now =P

    and thx 4 making this game.

  3. You guys still have failed to fix the “Updated” version of The Pitt. So any day now, check your forums, im not the only one who is dealing with “freezing” issues.

  4. Top a da world ma! Top a da world!

    I have no doubt that the best is indeed yet to come.

    Bethesda pwns the gaming industry. I love you all, thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifice that has brought many years of gaming pleasure into my life but most of all thank you for giving birth to the best PC modding community on the planet that consistently brings me much joy on a daily basis.

    Long Live Bethesda’s Game Modding Community
    BGMC Forever!
    Bethesda Softworks Forever!

  5. Fallout 3 has given me hundreds of hours of intense, violent and darkly hilarious gameplay and keeps giving with DLC (both are awesome so far and Broken Steel will surely be killer). It is the only game that has ever held my attention span for such a long time. This game deserves every award it gets and even more awards that other games wrongfully got. Sorry to kiss so much bum but you guys made a damn fine game. Keep it up.

  6. @ JB, yeah, it’s kinda hard to miss. More like, “[censored]! He looks terrific!” 😀

    Very, very well-deserved wins and I’m just so happy to have seen Bethesda get the recognition they deserve. As a fan, it feels like a personal victory every time my favourite game gets a nod, so that put a smile on my face.

    Poor Todd, though – he looked all choked up at the GOTY win! Bless!


    One more DLC, and you guys can chill on the fallout stuff right?

    on to bigger and better ES? omg, can’t wait.

  8. I’ve done the new download 5 times and it freezes at the same spot. the 4th and 5th i decided to do something else and finish my other quest and it starts freezing 10 minutes into the game and i have to reboot. this purchase was a hassle and can you check it precisely please there still glitches in the ENGLISH VERSION. I DID what you guys said with the delete but it still whack. hopefully the corrupt download didnt corrupt the whole game. now im going to delete and see if it messes with it without it. PLease FIX Better

  9. well deserved win, though the last bethesda game that had me playing 250 hours plus was Morrowind.
    Not that i don’t like Oblivion or Fallout, but they just don’t have the same feel about them, though Oblivion took me about 200 hours to do with expansions and Mods.
    To be honest i like the original fallouts better, but i understand that you wanted to do it your way.
    Though things like the game ending was taking it a bit far guys.

    But as i started, i shall end. You deserved those awards, nothing better came out 2008.

    Now get the last DLC out there so you can get back to working on the real thing TES V :-).

  10. Awsome job guys. I’v been a fan of your games forever. I buy every single one.I’v played all TES and you guys brought me into the world of Fallout. I cant wait until TES V. You guys work hard and it shows in your games. Congrads