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In case you missed these, here’s plenty of stories you can read up on…

At last week’s GDC, Emil participated in two events. On Wednesday, he joined Shadow of the Colossus/Ico creator Fumito Ueda (Team Ico) and No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda (Grasshopper Manufacture) for the developer panel “Evolving Game Design: Today and Tomorrow, East and West Game Design.” You can check out some of their discussion at Shacknews. Additionally, on Friday, Emil had the keynote for GDC’s Game Career Seminar. There’s a pretty good recap of the address here at Gamespot.

In case you didn’t already know it, The Pitt takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of the Steel City. With the news of a game taking place in their town, Pittsburgh Station KDKA talked with Jeff Gardiner about the game’s take on the city.

Last week IGN Australia held their awards for the best games of 2008 — where Fallout 3 captured the IGN Select Award for Game of the Year, as well as Best PC Game. The game also received Runner Up honors in several categories — including the all-important Best Widow Maker category.

In our final update on the March Mayhem Developers Showdown, we bowed out of the competition after losing a very close matchup (51% to 49% ) to Turbine. You may recall that Turbine ousted us in the Final Four of last year’s showdown.

Reader Comments

  1. maybe you lost out on your precious compition due to your shoddy release of corrupted DLC and your appearent refusal to release an official statement acknowledging the problem??
    is that at all possible, Bethesda????

    also what is the point of a blog if you dont bother updating it about problems with DLC – sure you’s said it was back up after the corrupted one was withdrawn but why no comment on the problems others are still having after downloading supposedly non currupted content????

  2. JR is being a bit harsh, but it would be nice if there was some sort of official recognition of major, repeatable, reported bugs. For example, in all patches after 1.0, VATS-related perks are broken, and VATS itself is buggy. Unlike a broken quest reward, this is a bug in the game engine and can’t be fixed by the community, though certain workarounds are finally beginning to show up.

    If you’re not going to fix engine bugs, then let someone else, under an NDA.

    Maybe it’s bad PR to admit to bugs, but it’s good customer support. Customer support is what keeps your customers, not slick advertising and a new account on Twitter (which almost nobody here uses, apparently).

    Sorry if this is off-topic.

  3. I hope Emil’s weight loss is by choice and not illness! He better not lose anymore, it was hard enough to recognize his beaming face in this pic! Both are Awesome interviews, but I like the one with Emil the best. Really informative, and gives hope to Bethesda lovers that one day our own efforts might be rewarded with the chance to work side by side with the genius that is Bethesda!

  4. Well i see that they have written about corupted content, so quit whining. Yes i also know that the new “non-corupted” file is bugged too, but really why do you need them to go out and say it again, i’ve seen plenty of fans writing it, so really everybody must know by now.
    Ok they have been sillent about the new probs, but maybe they are just working consentrated about it and so the PR people have nothing to write about?

    I have no problems with VATS or related perks even after 1.0. So that one i can’t recognize.

    just my two cents.

  5. Emil announced during the developers panel Q&A that there are many more DLCs to come for Fallout 3. Given that Broken Steel is opening the ending and continuing the story the potential is there for the story to go even further and leave over 1.5 million fans behind due to some BS exclusivity arrangement.

    So the question is, did Bethesda sell out those fans on just these three DLCs, or all DLCs?

  6. Oh, wow. Didn’t recognize Emil in the pic, he really has lost weight. Very nice dude, the hard thing is staying at the new weight though. Trust me :/

  7. I can’t wait to see the expansions that come out with the GOTY – when will it be released? Any news on what we can expect to see on the expansions? We’re dying for info here!

    Emil, your hair is longer and no longer red, your goatee is gone, extaordinary weight loss – are you going into a witness protection program? Don’t change too much on us all at once, do it in stages! I hope you are well, you have lost your beaming smile! Can’t have that!

  8. @ mALX, I don’t think Emil would have described 2008/09 as his “perfect year” if there was anything amiss with his health. I don’t think his hair has changed colour – it’s just the light. I think the solemn expression is more just an “OMG” at how much we love the game. 🙂

  9. Thanks Princess Stomper. Well, of course we love the game, It ROCKS!! I’m glad to hear he is healthy though, that means a lot! We can’t have him getting sick right before TESV – we need him for the Dark Brotherhood !! Glad to hear he hasn’t lost his orange glow, couldn’t have that! His beaming face is one that is always looked for in the pics!

  10. Ain’t it great? An update on assorted goings-on, on a blog that Bethesda is by no means obligated to post anyway, and they get bitching and crying.

    Grow up folks.

  11. I voted for you against my beloved Turbine in the March Madness. You guys are little finky on game patches, true, but noone can beat you for overall excellence and depth of game design.

    Didn’t recognize Emil 🙂

  12. Wow Emil lost a lot of weight. Like others, I hope it was by choice.

    Congrats on the GoTY guys. Please come out with more DLC’s/Expansions than Oblivion had for F3. It’d be a shame to see another enjoyable gameworld left behind prematurely.

  13. Wow Emil lost a lot of weight. Like others, I hope it was by choice.

    Congrats on the GoTY guys. Please come out with more DLC’s/Expansions than Oblivion had for F3. It’d be a shame to see another enjoyable gameworld left behind prematurely.

    And I’m not surprised to see some gamers whining about the DLC. But one big mistake every few years isn’ *that* bad, like some folks are making it out to be.

    Not like I actually got RAD poisoning from the DLC or anything.

  14. Ok, I saw the vid today with Todd and Emil, Emil does look better in the vid, (closer to his beaming orange self) in the vid than in the above pic, so I will concur with Princess Stomper that it was just a bad pic. (although still miss the goatee).