Concerning The Pitt


Since The Pitt went back up on Xbox LIVE last Wednesday, we’ve received feedback that some folks were experiencing freezing issues while trying to access The Pitt. We’re working with Microsoft to get a version of The Pitt up that corrects the aforementioned freezing issue. Once the content is up and available, we’ll let you know.

We’d like to thank all our fans who generously and methodically reported what they were seeing on our official forums, via email and on this blog. This data was immensely helpful in tracking down these issues.

Thanks again to everyone for their support, patience and feedback.

Reader Comments

  1. Downloaded the Pitt today to my horror the game freezes or in other words the speech keeps repeating over and over can’t do anything else so after a week of being out the bugs are not fixxed?? why is it is on the market place?? To people that already have wasted the money will there be a patch or should i delete it altogether??

  2. wow! I am totally amazed this dlc bug has not been fixed yet. I tolerated a similar bug in the game, whereby I cannot reenter the library to sell any found scribe books, no big deal. But this is ridiculous! 8 days and still no fix!!!! God took 6 to make Earth and 1 day to rest! you guys suck! i WILL NOT purchase Broken Steel or any other Beth product!

  3. would it not be prudent to pull the dlc from live until it is guaranteed to work? or is the revenue generated from the ms points just too much to go without for a while ? too many people are being ripped off buying a non refundable item that plainly has faults… in normal retail this would be replaced or refunded straight away why are online transactions not protected in this way?

  4. I had the issue once.. but I cannot honestly tell you where I encountered it. It didn’t bother me at all though.. its a program no matter how you slice it and its never going to be 100% perfect. I never had any problems with the disc (aside from it being the time that my xbox disc drive finally failed). But regardless you guys put out a great product and its worth every moment of waiting. Can’t wait for the next Elder Scrolls game or Fallout game.

  5. hey, love fallout3 and oblivion. i been having issues with my fallout3 where it always freeze’s when i try to get anywhere near the slave guy that will give you the slave clothes to get into the pitt, i tryed multiple times to get near there and then it just freeze’s so it was kinda pissing me off that i can’t play the new add on to fallout3,so i hope you guys fix this problum soon.i also tryed deleting the the pitt from my xbox 360 hard drive and downloading it again but yet it still freeze’s, i haven’t tryed going anywhere else in the wasteland to see if it still freeze’s cause i think its just the pitt add on thats causing the problum. please let me know when you guys fix this soo i can play it as soon as i can. keep up the good work making these sweet games love em all

  6. Cmon man since you appear to be actually reading this it would be nice of you to at least say nah we can’t fix the VAT’s lag if you can’t. I’m not playing anyomre until I find out if its going to be fixed. At least if you say no I’ll be able to play again knowing this is how its going to be, I might actually buy some of the DLC anyway. but until i find out I’m just not doing anything…how hard can it be to say if you are gonna fix it or not?

  7. My copy of The Pitt is dificult to play. The slave outfit you need at the beginning is proving impossible. The characters are not talking to me, there is no dead slave on the ground to take the outfit from, and there is a huge graphical error in the pen, a thick black line that protudes from what looks like a matress into the sky.

    I am more than willing to give more details if it helps sort this out. I cannot actually get past this bit.

  8. PS3 owner. I, personally, am done with Bethesda. That was the last bit of money they get out of me. I am now locked out of my character and with no dlc is sight. Next time think about the players not just the short term earnings.


  9. My main issue after loading the second release was that it would freeze (with my lvl 20 chr) when approaching the pitt tunnel no matter where I approached. I started a new one and at lvl 10 was able to do the pitt. It was very choopy and froze alot. but was passably playable. Will there be a patch for lvlv 20 chrs?

  10. Thanks for fixing the issue.

    Next could you offer it through a distribution network I am willing to use. I just want to play the freakin game and not have to use Microsoft and trade in my cash for play money I can only use there. I don’t care about the freakin achievements either.


  11. I played both the DLCs ,Operation Anchorage and The PITT which i purchased through the XBOX LIVE marketplace and i never faced any sort of issue while playing either of them, execpt a bit of framerate issues in the PITT steelyard. But this can easily be overlooked. Anyway thank u BETHESDA. Really enjoyed both the DLCs.

  12. id just like to say I think that you devs are the best. i wish other games dev’s were as quick and to the punch as you and i cant wait to see what you have instore of us next. secondly id like to ask if any one had any freeze issues on the Xbox in the steelyards supply plant. so far thats about the only place it happens to me at. on the PC version i dont seem to have any issues at all. on the Xbox. the only freeze ive found was in the supply place. in the room where the “man opener” is laying on the bed with a bunch of flamer fuel.

  13. Could you make some kind of announcement for ps3 owners about if they’ll get a Fallout game of the year edition, dlc content at some point in time, or anything for the ps3. I like Bethesda games and don’t think they are trying to screw ps3 owners, just maybe throw them some kind of bone. If you have both a ps3 and an Xbox is there any reason to buy the game for ps3? or do you buy the game for Xbox so you can spend an extra ten dollars and buy a download that hopefully isn’t full of bugs just so you could be allowed a third more levels and an ending that actually feels worthy of the the rest of the game (I’ve already beaten the game on Xbox twice).

  14. I have been expierencing one serious bug on the Pitt. I am trying to get the steel ingots from the steel yard and i have 96 of them. I have already found all the ingot before so I just retraced my steps. The last 4 are in the area just before you start heading up the Reactor on the roof. The first time I did it the entire area where the ingots are located had glitched and I was falling through. Now, however, the glitch is expanding rapidly and now occupies most of the yard. I can hardly move without falling through. This might have been an isolated incident but I would appreciate any feedback from Bethesda about a possible debugger. Thank you so much.

  15. im going up on the roof and im falling in the building. i can’t get on the roof to get the steel ingots. the first stairs by the slave but when i going to the stairs going to the roof i fell through the roof
    the bodies that i kill fell too
    i went up befor but i cant go up now
    i can in to the side of the building and go through
    can you guys fix that bug
    it will help alot

  16. I just received the addon disc for the pitt and Anchorage. I followed the instructions but it takes forever to download. My pc froze 5x. I deleted it and downloaded again. I finally got into the old game by the nucacola factory and traveled about 30 mins. I still havenot received any transmissions from the radio becon for the pitt or op anchorage. What am I doing wrong?