Oblivion 360 DLC on sale (most of it, anyway)


In celebration of the arrival of April, the wackiness of April Fool’s Day, and the upcoming 3rd anniversary of the release of Horse Armor (Friday, April 3), we are pleased to announce that for the next week all Oblivion DLC for Xbox 360 is half price, except for Horse Armor, which is twice as much as usual. So if you’ve been waiting for just the right moment to get The Vile Lair, or Knights of the Nine, or Shivering Isles, now is the time.

As always you can get your DLC on Xbox Live or through the marketplace on Xbox.com.

Here are direct links to the DLC content:

Shivering Isles — on sale for 1200 points

The Fighter’s Stronghold — on sale for 75 points

Knights of the Nine — on sale for 400 points

Spell Tomes — on sale for 40 points

The Vile Lair — on sale for 75 points

Mehrunes’ Razor — on sale for 125 points

The Thieves Den — on sale for 75 points

The Wizard’s Tower — on sale for 75 points

The Orrery — on sale for 75 points

Horse Armor — marked up to 400 points.

Reader Comments

  1. i love oblvion i own 3 copys of it one for pc one for ps3 and one for xbox360(i dont even own an xbox360 just bought game incase i ever get a 360)

    id love to beta test the next version of elderscrolls

  2. I downloaded everything yet I too got som errors. The horse armor wont download, at 1% it gives me the error message, and the same goes for the wizards tower. (by the way, i bought these two today for the regular prices)

  3. I know Horse Armor is double price, but I don’t care. It wont let me download it, it gives me a dumb error code. What’s up with that??

  4. So I’m dying to get all the content, but I only got the game a couple weeks ago, and I read about the glitches that won’t allow the DLC specific equip to level up accordingly (and keep it @ the level of the character when installed) –i.e. Raiment of the Crimson Scar, Crimson Eviscerator, etc. I’m wondering if it is possible to download the content but wait to install them until my character is a higher level… or have these bugs been fixed?


  5. I am getting same error download codes for The Fighters Stronghold, The Orrey, The Wizards Tower, and the horse armor DLC all give me the error code and stop at 1%. Please fix the content Bethesda 🙁

  6. I get the same error code 80070570 and haven’t been able to download The Fighter’s Stronghold, The Wizard’s Tower or The Orrery. I have tried downloading each one a couple times each with no success. I live in the US (Minnesota.) Are there any updates on what the problem is? Thanks!

  7. Hi there, I’ve purchased 3 DLC at the last minute and it seems you’re still experiencing problems with
    wizards tower
    fighters stronghold

    I’ve been trying to download these for the last 48 hours, in vain. Any help/hint possible? Thanks

  8. I’ve been trying for the Wizard’s Tower and Fighter’s Stronghold for several days now, but both still give the 80070570 error.

  9. I have been trying to download the horse armor for the past 3 days but keep getting the same 80070570 error as above. All of the other content downloaded fine and works fine. It makes me wonder if it’s truly the content or an issue of connectivity with MS…

  10. You can add me to the list of people having problems downloading the Wizard’s Tower and Orrey. Xbox support on the phone was not helpful, and none of the files were downloaded so there’s nothing to delete from the system memory and re-download. For something that was a week-long advertised sale, I’m really disappointed that nothing has been corrected and so many others are reporting the same problems…

  11. Dudes, anybody there? Any word (so to say…) from you is more than welcome! Reactivity my friends, reactivity… 🙂

  12. I would like to point out that anyone who is having this download issue that your Xbox live points have been deducted. Calling support or emailing them gets you no where. Basically they took your money and then refused to give you the item you purchased or your money back. I believe they call that THEFT

  13. helloooo ! anyone ?!

    If you no longer need support this product or just need donations say straight, why make such “jokes” ?

  14. People are get-ting up–setttt… 🙂 C’m’on, you can say you’re having technical difficulties or even, if that could actually be possible, that crosoft is f***ing up(please no “we are currently upgrading our servers, thank you for your patience and please get laid cos gaming isn’t quite everything there is to life” sort of stuff, please!)

  15. I’m getting the 80070570 error when trying to download the Horse Armor Pack and have been getting the error for about 2 weeks now!

    This is ridulous Bethesda… it’s called “Theft” a.k.a. stealing my money.

  16. Also getting the error for the Orrery, Wizard’s Tower and Stronghold. The error has been occurring for the past 3 days. PLEASE FIX or REFUND your customers. Otherwise you may find yourself up against a class action lawsuit.

  17. I can’t download the vile lair dlc from mexican marketplace i’m getting the 80070570 error code when trying and have been getting the error since lat week. Fix it please.

  18. Consider yourself lucky you can even download the DLC unlike us poor PS3 owners who miss out just cause we brought a better system.

  19. Dudes, chill out. (I’m looking at you Joe and Michael.) You’re not getting ripped off, you’ll get the downloads. Just be patient while whatever the problem is gets fixed.

    It’s too bad I’d already gotten all of the DLC. Of course, I did get Mehrunes’ Razor and the Fighter’s Stronghold when they were free so that balances things out (excluding Shivering Isles).

    Looking forward to whatever Bethesda does next.

  20. I also got the 80070570 error when I try to download the vile lair from the xbox live service for spaniards.

    Please fix it

  21. On ps3 i beg you all, it’s bad enogh that i can’t cure my vampirism so at least get a lair to hide from the (shudder) sorce of evil light

  22. will you guys be bringing out a werewolf DLC like you had in Morrowind? and is there such thing as the levitate spell like in Morrowind?

  23. @gstaff

    I would abdolutely love to see a werewolf official mod for Oblivion. In fact, I may just take up a crusade until one is released. I love you anyway.

  24. Just a suggestion: less time spent developing DLC’s and more time spent fixing existing bugs and issues. Quality control, anyone? Anyone?