Oblivion 360 DLC on sale (most of it, anyway)


In celebration of the arrival of April, the wackiness of April Fool’s Day, and the upcoming 3rd anniversary of the release of Horse Armor (Friday, April 3), we are pleased to announce that for the next week all Oblivion DLC for Xbox 360 is half price, except for Horse Armor, which is twice as much as usual. So if you’ve been waiting for just the right moment to get The Vile Lair, or Knights of the Nine, or Shivering Isles, now is the time.

As always you can get your DLC on Xbox Live or through the marketplace on Xbox.com.

Here are direct links to the DLC content:

Shivering Isles — on sale for 1200 points

The Fighter’s Stronghold — on sale for 75 points

Knights of the Nine — on sale for 400 points

Spell Tomes — on sale for 40 points

The Vile Lair — on sale for 75 points

Mehrunes’ Razor — on sale for 125 points

The Thieves Den — on sale for 75 points

The Wizard’s Tower — on sale for 75 points

The Orrery — on sale for 75 points

Horse Armor — marked up to 400 points.

Reader Comments

  1. That is SUCH a good idea! It’s both hilarious and a real treat – I can now abandon my plans to flog my copy of Oblivion to recoup part of the cost of buying the GOTY edition. Question is, do I have enough Points left for Horse Armor?

  2. LOL. Very funny. It’s too bad horse armor wasn’t halfed too though. It’s the only Oblivion DLC I do not own. Anyway, Oblivion is still my favorite game followed closely by Fallout 3 so thanks to everyone at Bethesda for providing me hundreds of hours of entertainment.

  3. Sweet! I’ve been meaning to pick up Mehrune’s Razor and the horse armour for a while, looks like this is the perfect opportunity

  4. I can’t believe you guys missed the chance to reveal a fake TES5. Or a new Fallout 4, going back to the roots of Fallout 1.

  5. great idea and very funny at the sametime, too bad i already bought all the downloads…..yes even the horse armor…i love stuff like that.

  6. I already have the Fighter’s Stronghold, Knights of Nine, and Shivering Isles. I just downloaded everything else today sans Horse Armor but the Wizard’s Tower and Orrey won’t download properly. Giving me an error code 80070570. Hope it is just temporary. Anyways – Thank you for the sale! I love Oblivion and Fallout and hope to see TES5 and Fallout 4 in the future.

  7. Does that horse armor come with big red exclamation points? Hey, I just came up with a new hidden reference for Fallout 4!


  8. Great sale! I now have all the content for Oblivion. Just one thing as mentioned above, The Orrery is not downloading properly.

  9. @ Shezrie – Lol !!
    @ Bethesda – Happy April Fools Day!
    @ Princess Stomper – keep the original as well as the GOTY – the random glitch caused by the last scene in the “Knights of the Nine” are cured with that original disk. (in case you get the glitch, I never got it, but kept the disk in case I needed it for future Oblivion games, since I always return to play it)

  10. I am also having trouble downloading the Orrery, It tells me it can’t download and gives me the 80070570. Had no problems with the spell tomes or Thieves content.

  11. getting the same error code as Garrett. But for me it’s wizards tower, orrery & both the fighter strongholds that won’t download. m$ points deducted and will just have to wait for it to work. i hope…

    thx for such a great GREAT game bethesda!

  12. I don’t have the GOTY edition – I decided not to buy it because of this offer – instead, I downloaded the expansions today.

    Yes, even Horse Armor.

    I figured it was worth 400 points just to imagine the look on Pete’s face. 😀

  13. I’ve tried downloading the DLC, but i get an error when i download Orerry, Wizard Tower, and Fighter’s Stronghold. The error code I get on the dashboard is 80070570. Is anyone else having download problems?

  14. I’m having problems downloading the Orrery, Wizard’s Tower, and Fighter’s Pit. Is anyone else getting error code 80070570 from xbox live. I think it means the dlc was taken off the xbox marketplace servers.

  15. I can’t believe you guys would actually increase the price of the horse armor, even in jest. Even though I am sitting here laughing, I hope there is no one out there that comes to find they paid too much for the horse armor(RE: not free). I hope they get all the value out of that less than valuable horse armor. 😛

  16. I’m having the same problem as Garrett with the Wizard’s Tower DLC.

    Hope you can give us an update on this issue soon, Gstaff. 🙂

  17. I’m also getting download errors trying to download the Wizard’s Tower and Orrey as they won’t download properly – they just stop at 1%. I just keep receiving the error code 80070570 and have tried for a while now to re-download these 2 addons and it just keeps coming back with this error 🙁 Any ideas?

  18. Worked fine for me now also. No error w/ downloading.

    btw gstaff, are there 2 different “fighter’s stronghold” DLC’s or did I just pay for the same content twice since I have 2 different fighter stronghold items on the list of Oblivion downloads?

  19. @ceroc

    Not sure why it would list twice…no need to buy it twice, and if you have two version on your hard drive, be sure to delete one.

    What part of the world do you live in?

  20. Damn, I wish I had waited to get the DLC. I just bought most of it like 2 weeks ago. Would of been grand to save a couple of points.

  21. Holy crap that was funny! Horse armor… I gotta know if anybody buys it while it’s x2 the price. You guys have a great sense of humor. 🙂

  22. You should bring out a werewolf official mod for 360. Loved it in morrowind, pity it wasn’t built on for oblivion

  23. still having that error code while trying to download the Vile Lair on the french market place. No matter what I try to do for it to work.

  24. I can’t download the vile lair i’m still getting the error code 80070570 since friday. Plis Fix it, it’s the only oblivion dlc i do not own. I’m from Mexico.

  25. @gstaff

    Got the same problem with the Oblivion Horse Armor Pack.(code 80070570).
    Any solutions yet? I live in The Netherlands.

  26. Happy late April fools Bethesda!

    I really enjoyed Oblivion for the Xbox when it came out and my experience doubled when it came out for the PS3(I own the PS3 version :D)

    I know its been over 2 years and such, but it is still possible to release DLC for the PS3…you could make alot of money(Not that you need it lol), but people here are suffering, just this night I had a dream I was inside the Vile Lair…yes strange lol.

    But people would pay to get these DLC, if you can get something as large as the Shivering Isles in the Playstation Store, surely you can get the smaller ones too.

  27. I’ve did not know about sale and was going to buy all contents anyway.

    All addons and DLC downloaded fine except Horce Armor Pack – Error 80070570.

    MS Live Support advises on email and phone did not helped much, still getting same error.

    What else can I do ?