Update on The Pitt


A new version of The Pitt is up on Xbox LIVE. If you’re experiencing crashes when trying to access content on The Pitt, delete the content off your hard drive and re-download. If you haven’t experienced any issues with freezing, there’s no need to re-download.

To delete the previous content for The Pitt, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Xbox LIVE then press the guide button
  • Go to Settings->System Settings->Memory.
  • From here, scroll down to Fallout 3 and press A.
  • Select Fallout 3: The Pitt (Marketplace Content) press A then choose Delete, then Yes to Delete.

Now, you can go and re-download the new version for no charge and begin your adventure.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks to everyone at Bethesda for taking care of this. I’m looking forward to throwing myself into a sticky moral dilemma with my good character soon!

  2. Thanks. My original version works fine (no freezes), but Everett will NOT take my 100 ingots! He tries to talk, but there is no voice! Should he accept the ingots after the quests are finished? I guess I could try to re-DL…

  3. Everett will still not take my IGNOTS! i got all hundred of them but now he acting like a mute! help! i redownloaded it and everything

  4. Thanks Bethesda, you ROCK !!! I can’t wait to play, and thanks also for the DLC codes, I haven’t won one yet, but it is still Awesome of you to do it !!!! <3

  5. Thank you for the update gstaff. The timing is perfect. Right before the weekend! I am really looking forward to play this.

  6. I’m living in Switzerland and would really like to play The Pitt in English rather than German or French because I bought the English version of Fallout 3 for the XBox360. Anchorage can be downloaded in English and worked very well. Hopefully you change your mind regarding the region policy for the other DLCs too.

    I mean what is the point of free trade for real goods in most parts of Europe if some companies restrict their ‘Internet goods’ on single countries? 10 years behind reality and damaging the own business model? And who wants that in a global financial crisis? 😉

  7. If I have been playing through on the version before this, should I download this one? Will it affect my saves?

  8. I echo Zodimized’s question. I have completed The Pitt and have resumed my adventures in the Capital Wasteland. Is it safe to download this new version; will my saves be fine?

  9. What about the PC version? I keep hearing everything is fine with the PC version, but when I installed the download, two versions of the Pitt came up in in the game.

    Was the PC version updated too?

  10. Third time’s a charm, huh? Was the Q&A team asleep? I guess I shouldn’t complain, as I’ve been spared the bugs… due to the fact that the DLC is an XBox 360 exclusive. How’s that for fan support?

  11. I downloaded Pitt, but haven’t played it yet, but i did notice i did the shalebridge mini quest (the ants). I went in found into the nice ant cave, then went to the bad ant cave to kill the bad ants, then went back to the good ant cave and it freezes everytime on the load screen. Is it Pitt related? Or something else?

  12. Does this update apply to the PC version as well? Or are you guys still working on that? Because as of 12:30am Saturday April 4th PST, The Pitt still freezes after I enter the tunnel that leads to Pittsburgh; approx 45-60 seconds after I try to start the handcart as well.

  13. Also, I’ve already tried deleting and then re-downloading/installing The Pitt from Games for Windows – LIVE Client Marketplace. Is there something I’m doing wrong or something else I should be doing? Help?

  14. OK. so i downloaded the fixed version of The Pitt. I did not want to play yet, i wanted to get the bobblehead from the national guard armory first. That is when i started noticing my game would freeze randomly. It would freeze during regular game play, fast travel and while trying to sleep.

    I deleted the Pitt DLC and the problem continued to persist. Does anyone have any suggestions…this is really pissing me off?

  15. why are you so biased Bethesda? why no DLC for the ps3? i don’t have any problem with the 360( it has it’s pro’s and con’s just like any console does) and am no fan boy i am just disappointed by the fact that you would release the game for both consoles but only put DLC for one of them. this is very unprofessional to show favoritism.

  16. Well, April 4th 2009 Pitt is better, allowing me into the zone. However, it freezes up in town and in the Power Plant predictably. Either a missing texture, corrupt texture or possibly a bad HLSL instruction that crashes the PC 8800GTX card (reliably). New drivers (182.5) and same issue. This appears to be a poor ECC handler for textures causing game freeze or bad instruction relating to shaders. Remote possibility, the download tool for XBoxLive is buggy and corrupting packets. Possible bad drive on the server w. poor read-write? I can’t possibly see how it could be so RANDOM and yet so related otherwise. Oh, and the vista x64 install is broken, but they (still) know that. It requires an mlink be made if you install in non-C drive. That should have been fixed ASAP as its one line in the installer. Come on guys. Don’t make me port it to linux out of spite before I troubleshoot it.

  17. Now if only I could buy it without using Games for Windows. Seriously, why is this not being offered in stores or on Steam. I don’t want to trade my hard-earned cash for points I can only spend at Microsoft. It’s like buying myself a gift card.

    Could you please explain why you went with Microsoft for your distribution in your next post? I see a lot of people asking this question and I’m hearing no answers.

    I personally bought the game on Steam and find it rude that you would switch to another distributor with the expansions. You should have at least continued offering it through it so I don’t have to jump through all these friggin hoops. It’s tiring and the pay sucks.

  18. Okay, this is the problem that won’t end. Now I can reach the slaver camp, but I get new more interesting freezes at the camp. The game literally blue screen of deathed me and then a second time froze with a white checkboard pattern across the screen. Previous freezes just locked up, with little fanfare….

  19. The Pitt still freezes whenever I try to take my level 20 character anywhere near the Slaver Camp to get the Slave Outfit, no matter what directions I try to approach it from. I removed the Pitt DLC from my HDD and re-downloaded it on 4/6, but the game still freezes. Any suggestions?

  20. I am very upset that you lost your way. You became something and forgot about the gamer. I hope your money from msoft will buy back the reason why you started at your job. never forget what its like in the trenches and your men will follow you anywhere……ps3 think about it

  21. WHY NO PS3!!! Seriously.. I traded the 360 in before I won, and bought the PS3 version. The graphics are better then my non-HDMI 360… but no add ons?!?

  22. dissapointed. why no expansion for ps3? this sucks. i regret buying the game! there are alot of people whit ps3 that love your games but feels this is a huge ripoff

  23. I downloaded The Pitt several days ago and have been playing my game (level 10, previous save) for several in-game days since then, but have no message about The Pitt start.

    Do I need to start a new game?
    Do I need to load one of my level 20 saves?
    Do I need to complete a certain quest for the start?

    I am pretty pissed that I spent my money for something I can’t use.

  24. I just tried to play the pitt for the first time today and made it all the way across the bridge to the main gate. It froze in the loading screen after the main gate and I can’t fix it. Why was this released?

  25. gstaff – thanks for the reply; yes, I have all of the updates.

    It appears that my download was corrupted. I deleted the DLC and reacquired and the content started right up when I loaded my save game. I first downloaded on April 5, so I know I had the newer content, but something must have happened during the initial download.

    Thanks again.

  26. I have downloaded and deleted the pitt several times. My saved files work perfectly when it is deleted from my 360 but after it is downloaded my save files will not load as my system just freezes on the loading screens. Any help would be appreciated.

  27. I’m encountering the same dilemma Steve had, where I recieve no message or radio transmission to start the quest. I’ve deleted the old version and downloaded the pitt today, on april 18th, but I still recieved no radio signal, and when I went to the spot that vault wiki showed where the radio tower should be, there’s no sign of anything of that nature.

  28. My wife’s version of the Pitt (xbox 360) keeps crashing on her as she moves through the underground passage to the power plant.

    A couple of trogs come in for the attack and the system freezes.

    We cleared the caches, tried different saves and re-downloaded the content several times.

    Can you help?

  29. So I deleted the old version of The Pitt and tried to download a new version. It downloads to 99% and I get a message that the download is corrupted. I’ve repeated this process twice this weekend and have gotten the same result both times. Any ideas?

  30. I just downloaded The Pitt 7/9 and it keeps freezing and when it’s not frozen the screen gets all jumpy… Is there EVER going to be a DLC release of The Pitt that actually works?

  31. I’ve bought the “pitt/Anchorage” expansion pack from GameStop and Unfortunately i have no internet access close to my “gaming room” where xbox is placed….actually i don’t either like to move the console to such room ( yes..i admit i’m rather lazy ).
    The game still freezes anytime i try to get close to “The pitt” location whether or not i’ve activated the mission ( i’ve also tried any reasonable walkaround to get the location where the slaves resides ).
    There’s a smart way ( besides downloading a new expansion from Live ) to have this fixed?
    Let me also add that if it’s understandable to have some bugs on online versions of expansions, i see no justifications to have SAME BUGS on shop-version of such expansions.