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Happy Friday everyone! Here’s some stuff from around the web you can check.

We start with an X-Play interview from last week’s GDC, where Todd and Emil look back at Fallout 3 , discuss the game’s strategy guide, and briefly mention design goals for future projects. Check out the embedded video above.

The Pitt’s been out for more than a week, and there are plenty of new reviews. Wesley Yin-Poole recently put up his review at Here’s a snippet:

Eventually the five or six hour experience evolves into a more traditional Fallout 3 quest than Operation Anchorage ever was. There are plenty of NPCs to interact with, one or two funny moments, some intense action, vibrant and atmospheric environments and plenty of interesting choices to make. At one point you’re forced to battle for your freedom in an irradiated arena Gladiator style. The big decision at the end is, unlike many in Fallout 3, a choice between two disturbing outcomes. Throughout much of the game the right and wrong answers are obviously distinct. Here it’s the same, but at least you’re made to feel a little uncomfortable by both choices.

Additional reviews can be found at Eurogamer, GameSpy, GameFocusFeed Your Console and What If Gaming. We’ll also continue to post new reviews over at the Fallout 3 Official Site.

Lastly, with the release of The Pitt, Fallout 3 has jumped back into the Top Ten most played Xbox titles. Check out the list over at Major Nelson’s blog. Speaking of his blog, I’ve noticed he’s given out a few DLC codes for The Pitt on his Twitter page. Keep an eye there, as well as on our Twitter page.

Reader Comments

  1. YAY for the VATS bug in ACTION, on Bethblog none the less! Watch the time around 2:50, as the player impatiently moves his mouse while VATS calculation take FOREVER (compared to the original unpatched 1.0 PC version).This bug, along with many others (nonfunctional perks, force mouse acceleration) has been introduced in the PATCH 1.1, has NOT been fixed to this day (about three months) and Beth even refuse to tell its customers if they are working on fixing it? Isn’t it great?

    Well, on another note, nice to see Todd acknowledge that they should do something about their character movements and conversations, but ALSO, the dialogue is not fine – you should dump that stupid engine limitation and finally introduce UNLIMITED dialogue characters, dammit!

    And on even more different note, Emil, you look incredibly different and awesome! All the power to you.

    Disclaimer – I love Fallout 1, 2 AND 3. I just want to be able to play it in its full beauty, since, you know, I paid 25 pounds for it.

  2. Firstly, someone has to say just how cute that still-frame image of Todd is in the embedded video. So, you say that, while I think of a suitably mildly inappropriate thing to say about Emil that hasn’t already been said lately. Placeholder: “looking great“.

    Secondly, lovely to hear Todd’s and Emil’s thoughts on the game and the DLC, and plans for the future. I thought the AI was good, certainly compared to other games and a great step up from Oblivion, but the lip-synching is something that could be improved in future games.

    I did laugh out loud at “don’t drop it on a child”.

    The reviews pretty much reflect my impressions on The Pitt – really enjoyed it, and I was left thinking for a long time afterwards about the decisions I’d made, as well as playing for longer in one stretch than I’ve done basically since Morrowind, so kudos to the team on that.

  3. Love your games. Been a fan sense Daggerfall. Bugs aside I love Fallout to death and it’s all I’ve been playing; well Smash Bros. Brawl and COD 4, plus various iPod Touch games (look up Touch Grind) that game is so intuitive and slick.

    I difinitely can’t wait for Broken Steel and Elder Scrolls V, even though it’s a long way, at least I have Fallout 3+DLC to occupy me, and given the replay value, I can wait for your next big game/project. I’d like to see some old world guns in the next ES though and something similar to VATS.

  4. So you think Fallout 2 ended?
    I don’t recall that. I recall the game aking if you want to continue playing after you beat the main mission.
    Your games never end and people expected you to transfer it to Fallout, especially since the 2 original games kindda had an infinity kind of feel to them especially the 2 as mentioned above. Yes i did notice you recognized that a lot of people are complaining about the game endning.
    Other then that i’m glad to hear you don’t think you are the gods of gamemaking and thus still want to improve your games.

  5. Fallout (1) ended and that was that, and I seem to recall that Fallout 2 originally had a final ending, but was later unlocked to allow you continue to playing by a patch (either official or fan-made, I can’t remember).

    I’ve had loads of disagreements with my Elder Scrolls-loving friends on this, but basically the ones who are most unhappy with the game ending are the ones who just play TES + MMOs. Mass Effect ended, BioShock ended, Vampire TMB ended (if you got that far), so really there are only two non-MMO games that don’t end, and Bethesda made them!

    I don’t just think that the ending was a good thing, I think it was necessary, and continuing to play afterwards just seems counterintuitive. I stopped playing Morrowind soon after the end of the main quest, because I could not see the world change. I stopped playing Oblivion soon after the end of the MQ because it just got ridiculous – why was the city square still in ruins? Why were there still burnt-out gates everywhere? In Morrowind, it’s even worse – I eventually made my own mod to show what I thought Red Mountain would resemble a year on from the ending, but even then it falls short of what we know happened a year or two after that. There necessarily has to be an ending because you have changed the world and it isn’t changing.

    Emil has hinted that Broken Steel will substantially change the game, and how the ending pans out, and show the impact you’ve made on the world, but even so I can’t foresee playing the game much beyond the end of that because without the landscape changing dramatically it’s just going to look a little odd. Even so, I’m sure he’s thought of that.

  6. first things first. I never used anything fan-made on my fallout games (the originals) and i still get the open end in the second one, so perhaps it’s in an official patch even though i don’t rember patching the game at all.

    I don’t think that an end is nessesary at all. The world does go on after all.
    i can’t say that i’ve played all MMO’s even though i’ve played a lot of games, i’m impressed if you have since you are saying that there are only two that doesn’t end. I know it’s a rare thing, but that is one of the things that makes Bethesda games like the Elder Scrolls series so great.
    I do not agree that the worlds doesn’t change enogh in Oblivion and Morrowind. Especially in Oblivion they do. as you mentioned the burnt out gates are ther, but no longer active (they are made of unworldly matter so they are probably hard to remove entirely). I do agree that they might do at bit about the square but it’s a minor detail. the dialog has some changes and so forth.
    it’s been a while since i’ve finished Morrowind (going for my 7th time though)
    and i rember something about the sky changing, some encounters beeing less frequent and such, and obviously the dialog aswell.
    and since Bethesda has this tradition and made Fallout 3 in the same tradition in many ways it was to be expected that they would follow through on such a major aspect of the game.

    Besides it’s tempting to finish of a lot of Fallout 3 just to get som descent gear, and that really suck!

  7. Ugh…Did Emil say what I think he said? Bethesda, you guys took a huge step forward with Fallout 3 in the dialogue department but that’s only the beginning. Fallout 3 is still way behind other RPGs of its caliber in the dialogue department. I can’t believe Emil called dialogue an old school RPG convention? I’m saddened, Emil was the one guy I actually liked in that group of 3 (no offense to Todd and Adam…okay maybe to Adam).

  8. @ Korusus, was it wrong of me to cheer when Emil said that? 😀
    What I’m personally looking forward to is an end to going into a town where some random person collars me and tells me all about their problems and then sends me off to deliver a note to someone. I didn’t mind Lucy West because I actively asked about “work”, but Fallout 3 was a welcome move away from Quest Givers with little markers above their heads.

    @ Maya, cool! You can play mods … or make them! 😀

  9. “I concur with Princess. Except for the Pitt, I don’t have it yet! Still recovering from blowing caps on a new PC and buying a second copy of Fallout 3(PC)!”

    Hey Ms. Ayleid, Come play with us big kids in the FO3 mods forum. You may find yourself a niche in drawing Vault Boy icons. 🙂

  10. @ Princess
    Me make Mods? Ha! That’ll be the day. I’m tempted to play with textures, though.

    @ MadCat
    Oh, dear. I don’t know whether to be flattered or frightened. I haven’t been on the forums in a bit, I suppose I could scour the wastes… as long as the trolls don’t devour me.