Hall of Fame mods for March at Planet Elder Scrolls


Planet Elder Scrolls has announced the latest Hall of Fame mods for Oblivion and Morrowind. Let’s take a quick look at the latest (and greatest) mods to be honored…

For Morrowind:

  • Tamriel Rebuilt: Map 2 – Antediluvian Secrets by The Tamriel Rebuilt Team: A massive mod that “aims to recreate ‘Mainland Morrowind’ as Bethesda would have had they included it in the third Elder Scrolls game. TR uses a combination of imagination and lore to bring you new areas to explore, new secrets to discover and allowing a host of new adventures to unfold.”

For Oblivion:

Great work all!

Reader Comments

  1. id love to betsa test the next version of elderscrolls

    im a little to obessed with oblvion as is ive beaten the main quest 13 times

    plus if thats not insane enough ive bought the pc xbox360 and ps3 game of the year edition on all three (i dont even on a xbox360 but just in case i ever get one)