What we’re playing…


Very few trends this week in what people are playing. Hmmm. I’ll bet dollars to donuts (it is Donut Friday) that a bunch of these guys are going to end up playing countless hours of  Peggle on Xbox LIVE.

Brent Krische, QA Tester: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, The Darkness, and watching my girlfriend play Cooking Mama: Cook off and Order Up!.

Cody Shumway: Gears of War 2, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5, and Lost Planet

Sean Palomino, QA Tester: Street Fighter IV (360) and Prince of Persia (360).

Fred Zeleny, Back in the (Raptor) Saddle Again: Looks like I’ve resubscribed to World of Warcraft again. One of these days, I swear I’ll keep playing long enough to get a character to top level…

Dan Ross, QA: Empire: Total War and painting Warhammer minis.

Todd Howard: http://games.ign.com/articles/965/965001p1.html

Pete Hines: Fire Emblem, Company of Heroes, something yet-to-be-determined for 360, possibly Peggle.

Gary Noonan, Animation: Valkyria Chronicles and Silent Hill Homecoming.

Dane Olds, Artist: Dawn of War II, iDracula, The Quest, and hopefully I’ll have time to download and play The Pitt.

Ruben Brown, QA Lead: Street Fighter IV (360), Rez HD (360), and Wolfenstein 3D on the iphone

Sam Bernstein, QA: Call of Duty: World at War, Left 4 Dead, and Auditorium.

Andrew Scharf: Persona 4, Resident Evil 5, and the frakking Battlestar Galactica Board Game.

Megan Sawyer, Environment Artist: Pokemon: Platinum (Piplup’s up to lvl 24, yeah!), possibly some Silent Hill: Homecoming if I get the time.

Ryan Ashford, Programmer: LAN weekend! DoW2, L4D, TF2… oh, and the oldie but goodie – ‘Drink The Beer’.

Orin Tresnjak, Graphics Programmer: Mirror’s Edge, Killzone 2, various iPod touch games.

Michael Lattanzia, QA: The Last Remnant (hoping to finish this weekend so I can move on to Valkyria Chronicles), Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and working on building Mordheim Terrain for the tabletop gaming table we built.

Matt Killmon, Video Producer: Fallout 3, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations

Ashley Cheng, Production Director: GTA4 – I’m on the final stretch, almost done!

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: WordFu and Rolando on my road to the Final Four.

Reader Comments

  1. Well, I’ll be working on my Warcraft 3 World Editor quite a bit. I’ll also be playing Age of Conan. Jeeze, thats a big file. Its kinda cool the free trial is out for it now, but I’m gunna have to delete it when the trial is over. It’s just too much space. 🙁

  2. I’m going to be glib a bit and state that I was kind of hoping you guys were working on the main quest game freeze in Fallout 3…

  3. I’ve played the snot out of Fallout 3, so I’m going back to Morrowind GOTY. After Morrowind i’ll go back to Fallout 3 and the Oblivion expansion.

  4. Nice selection of games , but i gotta say last remnant looks really bad , i played the demo and didnt really like it.

    Also you should all be palying tf2 😀

    What im playing:
    Oblivion (possibly)
    Runescape (yes i know , im sad)

  5. I am actually enjoying The Last Remnant quite a bit. The story isn’t all that special, and it does have some graphical issues… but the gameplay is a lot of fun. I like turn based strategy and The Last Remnant provides an interesting take on it.

    I have to say that I am actually more interested in Valkyria Chronicles, which I own but am waiting to start until I finish Last Remnant. I know that if I pick up Valkyria Chronicles now, I’ll never finish Last Remnant (or will come back years later and have forgotten where I was/what I was doing).

  6. Where is our Broken Steel update?
    Lets hear some real news… Anything.
    How is development going? Any concept art of the new baddies? Any hints or clues to what we will be doing?
    Let hear it.