Fallout 3 wins a baker’s dozen at MI6


MI6, an annual conference for videogame marketing, held their awards show last night. With Pete on hand, Fallout 3 captured 13 awards — including nine Gold & Silver Awards in the following categories:

Gold Winners

  • Outstanding Promotional Trailer: Fallout 3 Teaser Trailer
  • Best Limited Edition or Collector’s Promotion: Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition
  • Standout Print Campaign: Fallout 3 DC Metro Takeover
  • Best Online Advertising Campaign: Fallout 3 Online Advertising Campaign
  • Sharpest Pen Award — Best Copywriting/Print: Fallout 3 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide
  • Sharpest Eye Award — Best Directing: Fallout 3 “E3 Trailer”
  • Best Use of Music: Fallout 3 “E3 Trailer”

Silver Winners

  • Outstanding Overall Marketing Campaign: Fallout 3
  • Outstanding Promotional Trailer: Fallout 3 “E3 Trailer”

Huge shout out to Pete and the rest of the marketing team, AKQA, The Ant Farm, Tangible Media, the developers, and everyone else that helped these ideas come to fruition.

Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations on these fantastic awards. Am really happy to see Bethesda recognized for the one of a kind advertising and marketing they have done for FALLOUT 3. Placing ads advertisng the game in city subways was cool for a game world the style and scope of FALLOUT 3. Great to see so much has been video taped and available at places like YouTube to enjoy and appreciate the exhilarating marathon run the pre-release campaign was.

    Yea Pete Hines is The 007 of advertising 😀

  2. Congrats…. Even though it is not necessary.

    You guys really did create the best game ever made…. And I just really wish you were doing the MMO instead of Interplay & Masthead 🙁

  3. Is that what I have been reduced to? 🙁

    Ive had other roles damn it! But usually I kinda just stand in random places in smile. 🙂

  4. [Pete has a gun! Everyone get down!

    Left by Shades on April 10th, 2009]

    Oh no! Those OBLIVION trolls are gonna pay now for dissing TES IV!