Greener pastures ahead


Here in DC (the “real” DC, that is), Spring is definitely in the air. The weather’s warming up, the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom, and the baseball season has started up. For you folks that don’t live in DC, here’s a couple ways to liven up The Capital Wasteland that I found at Fallout 3 Nexus.

All that barren wasteland becoming an eye sore? As you can see from the screenshot above, Khyrim’s GreenWorld might be just what you’re looking for. Want some blue sky too? Hattix’s Fellout: The Fallout 3 Weather Overhaul might help too.

Now if we could only get a mod that brings back the Capital Congressmen — so we can all revel in the joys of sport and sunshine.

Reader Comments

  1. You know, it makes the game so different with grass, and it makes it completely feasible too. I mean it’s like 200 years after the bombs fell. Maybe grass and all has grown back… maybe the skies are blue.

    I’m considering getting the game for PC, and I want to play with all these great mods sometime.

  2. Spring… Here in northern Poland, just after -5 to 0 Celcius snowy days, it is summer for one week now… Plus, the Capital Wasteland has Agent Zero back, so screw baseball 😀

  3. Fellout is a mod i enjoy alot. It makes weather even more moody and emotional then original FALLOUT 3 which i thought was impossible. Sunsets and sunrise scenes truly are inspiring. I also use the Awesome Colour Enhancer which gives more color saturation to the world making things stand out more giving it a more colorful but still desolate feel.

  4. Ehh… Fellout’s night times look way off in color. They look more like some weird alien world than post-apocalyptic night time.

  5. I’m quite enjoying these mods, though I must admit, I’ve gotten lost on several occasions from not being able to see beyond the canopies of those green trees. Fun all the same, and beautiful as ever.

    It’s great for using after the main quest.

    Thanks for making the mods, and thanks for sharing them.

  6. “It’s great for using after the main quest.”

    Yep 🙂 I use it as a ‘consequence’ of launching the GECK.

  7. You know… combine this with a ton of feral ghoul spawn points everywhere, and you’d have a pretty good zombie apocalypse.