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Up on GamaSutra today, there’s a three-page interview with Pete Hines. Among other things, Pete discusses our partnership with Splash Damage and our DLC philosophy. Here’s a snippet of the latter:

As a developer of open-world games, I imagine there is some degree of creative restriction on what Bethesda can do with DLC, in that discrete content has to be integrated in some logical way. You can’t just add another racetrack to the menu, or whatever. How do you approach that?

Pete Hines: It is a constraint from one standpoint, which is that if you’re going to plug it into the existing world then it has to be adaptable for anybody at any level that we discern, at least for the first two [in Fallout 3]. We don’t discern whether you’re level 1, level 10, level 15, or level 20, so we have to allow for all of that.

But in general, no. We like building our games that way. Having the DLC exist within that world allows us to, once we’re done making all the content for the game and we’ve finished the game from that standpoint and then spent lot of time playing it, look for areas that we’d like to do more of — to do something different than when you’re looking at the whole spectrum of content you’ve provided.

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Speaking of DLC, there’s a plenty of new reviews for The Pitt. In his review for 1Up’s RPG blog, The Grind, Chris Pereira discusses moral choices he needed to make while playing The Pitt. Here’s an excerpt:

Okay, I realize it’s a videogame and it doesn’t really matter what decisions I made. There’s no Achievement to distinguish my choice to other gamers and I doubt the game’s NPCs are going to lose any sleep over what I opted to do. But this is what an RPG with moral decisions is supposed to do, isn’t it? To make you think and feel the weight of your actions as an individual who wields real power over the world he or she inhabits. Not everyone is bound to have the same reaction I did, but it has the potential to evoke something from the player that is very rare in videogames — introspection — and for that simple reason alone, The Pitt is an absolute must-play.

More reviews for The Pitt can be found at: GameDaily, Gamezone, Beefjack, Game & Player, Go Gaming Giant, 411 ManiaKoku Gamer, The Game Reviews, D-Pad Magazine, and Spawn Kill.

If you haven’t downloaded The Pitt yet, be sure to look for chances to win at GameTrailers and Xcast Online. We’ll also continue to give them away on our Twitter site and Facebook page. Who knows, you might even find one here.

Moving along, at IGN this week, their staff counted down the Top Ten Gaming Dystopias — where  Fallout 3 cracked the list at #3.

Wrapping things up for the week, here’s some Pip-Boy news. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the comparisons made with the Glacier Ridgeline W200. Elsewhere, check out this video at Kotaku. It’s perfect for the Fallout fan that doesn’t know what to do with their iPod touch after buying an iPhone. Hmmmm…..

Have a great weekend everyone!

Reader Comments

  1. I know it is stupid and futile to ask of some DLC for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout for the PS3, but plaesee!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, I finally nabbed a free code! A good interview, though I wish he talked more about what’s going to come out for Oblivion.

  3. Ok Bethesda, lets get real here, for any of your future game please will you not release them or have them affiliated with Windows Live. Windows live is the most complicated load of poop ever. Use Valve’s Steam that is way easier for users to use and understand.

  4. I agree with Yoda. I really don’t like having to use Windows Live or Securom (even if it’s just for disc check). Dawn of War II is on STEAM and still requires GFW. That’s just ridiculous. If it was an optional thing (for those of us 360 players who want the Achievements), no problem. But paying a premium price for a game should really mean having a premium experience.

    You guys used to be the best “big name” company out there that didn’t make the end user do more effort themselves over pirates, but now we have to jump through hoops to get DLC’s. 🙁

  5. i agree with every single word that yoda and daniel said.

    its really a shame that such a company like bethesda wich so far made my favorite games of all times (apart from zelda that is) is starting to be just another company.please bethesda…please you still have got time to correct this!

  6. Nice to see you guys still see the value in providing new content for Oblivion. You could continue churning a profit off that game forever especially with new content.

    However I truly hope if there was EVER a chance for you guys to make the remaining Oblivion content available on PS3 that you do so. Millions of fans would love to give you their money for this content! I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never get to use some of the great user mods out there but I’d still love to get to use your official plug ins on my PS3. Please find a way to make it work.

  7. when will the DLC for the pitt be fixed, i downloaded it the day it came out, spent $20 on it, and it wouldnt work, no matter how much i tried, and i have some friends that it worked for, and some it didnt work for.

  8. @ Bill. An update to The Pitt was released. You’ll want to delete the current content you have and redownload it. The Pitt is 800 MS points (or $10), so if you paid $20, you might want to contact Microsoft. You should be able to download it as many times as you like after the first purchase without paying again.

  9. I’m pretty sure that the new Oblivion DLC is going to hide something about Elder Scrolls V! Please Bethesda, I want a great surprise!!!

  10. The Pitt was alright, could of been longer. But there were a lot more new items…I wish Beth had focused more on new weaponry, I’ve already got a kick ass suit of power armor, thanks to Anchorage. Ashur’s power armor is ok, only probably is it doesn’t come with a matching helmet. But the infiltrator is definitely a cool weapon. I wish that the arena were bigger and longer. Three fights, and in a really small pit. It was over almost as soon as it began. Still, looking for the last few ingots though. All in all…it should have been a bit longer, Anchorage felt a lot longer than The Pitt.