Fallout 3 DLC — Transferring Content Licenses to a New Console


Last year I put up this blog post explaining how to transfer content licenses to a new Xbox 360. With the release of Fallout 3 DLC, I’ve seen a number of folks asking whether or not they’re able to play DLC content when they’re NOT signed into Xbox LIVE — so I’ve figured now is a good time for a refresher.

So can you play content downloaded from Xbox LIVE while offline OR when using another user profile on your Xbox 360? The answer is YES, so long as you’re playing the content on the same Xbox 360 you purchased the content on. This is because when you purchase content on your Xbox 360, you’re assigned a license to use it only that Xbox 360. If you’re no longer using the Xbox 360 you originally purchased the content on, you’ll want to use the Xbox 360 Content License Transfer Tool.

For more details, including a step-by-step walkthrough video from Xbox’s Major Nelson, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you SO much for posting this!

    I’ve only got 7gb of memory left and was starting to get seriously worried as to what I’ll do if I keep buying DLCs (as well as downloading games like Braid). I was dreading the inevitable cost of a memory upgrade – but more concerned about having to re-buy all of the DLCs I’ve just forked out for (even at – mostly – half price!).

    This is a huge relief – thank you.

  2. Thanks for that! Also, especially in the 20 GB HD’s, delete the old demos, old game saves you don’t play anymore, game trailers, etc. and clean the HD cache once a month; the 360 is just like your PC, it won’t run as well without maintenance and getting rid of dead files. A PC with the HD over 3/4 full is going to start showing instability, so will your 360.

  3. To be clear, this is different from the Hard Drive transfer tool, which allows you to migrate your HDD data from a smaller hard drive to a larger hard drive.

    This is specifically for issues where you might have content on the hard drive that’s not tied to your current console.

  4. I’m considering getting a second console (for the spare room… for when my wife wants to – God forbid – watch something other than me playing fallout). It looks here as if there is no way of sharing my DLC between both consoles. Does this mean that I need to buy it all twice? Even if I’m only ever signing in with the one profile?

  5. @My Mate — you could just take your hard drive from one room to the next and use the content. Just keep in mind that the DLC could only be associated with one machine, so one of them would need to be connected to LIVE.

  6. i downloaded the pitt and operation anchorage in the windows live client i bought 2000 points bought the games and when i finished downloading it says there is an error cause i dont know the file or something please help!!

  7. Is this something that developers have to opt in to? I’m just asking as I replaced my 360 (myself, MS wouldn’t cover it as it was OOW, and the error wasn’t the RRoD) and I had no problems playing my DLC for Halo and COD4, I just had to redownload it (Heroic and Variety Map Packs). Although, the Heroic map pack is free now AFAIK.

    Also, as I have the PC versions of Fallout and Oblivion, is there a similar restriction on the PC version?

  8. @Tony, this is merely something you’d do if you’ve replaced your Xbox since downloading content, but still wish to play the content offline. If you replace the console, you won’t be able to access the content when NOT connected to LIVE.

  9. what you say is that we need that tool to transfer the dlc data to another xbox 360. My question is that do you need that tool to transfer the data to a different hard drive for the same 360.

  10. Darkvirus — this is specifically for issues where you might have content on the hard drive that’s not tied to your current console. Copying your data over to a new hard drive on the same console should not require the tool.

  11. For some odd reason when it gives me the purchased dlc list for license transfer it doesnt have anchorage or broken steel in the queue! ive bought ever peice of dlc for fallout 3 as it is my favorite xbox 360 game period. Distressing! any clue as why it wouldnt show some of the stuff i downloaded?