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Here’s a few things to be on the lookout for — both online and in print.

Voodoo Extreme has a new interview with Fallout 3 Production Director Ashley Cheng. In the interview, Ash discusses his role with the company dating back to his work on The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Here’s a snippet from the interview:

What is the process for determining art direction on any of the games you produce?

The art direction comes from our concept artists, our lead artists on the project (Matt Carofano for Elder Scrolls; Istvan Pely for Fallout 3), and our game director/exec producer, Todd Howard. We go through months and months of concepts, looking for the right tone and look. We tend to create concepts of overall scenes to help dictate the direction before getting into lots of detail.

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At has a new interview with Pete. Here’s a sample:

Q: Bethesda releases cater to a hardcore gaming audience, but Todd Howard recently said that the industry needs to do more to attract new players. How does Bethesda hope to do that, to stop users becoming frustrated early in a game and giving up, and is it an industry wide problem?

Pete Hines: Guys who are making the games tend to be the ones who play a lot of games, and they forgive elements of the game quickly because “that is just how games work” instead of removing barriers and making it so that both a veteran of a game can get in quickly, but someone who has never picked up a controller gets eased into it. These are just things that we as an industry can get better at: The process of the stages that players go through as they master and move on to new challenges.

ZTGD has a new feature on their Top Ten PC Game Developers of All Time — with Bethesda cracking the list at #6.

In print, the April issue of PC Gamer (US) has a few noteworthy mentions. Richard Cobbett has a feature on the “49 Greatest Developers” which features Bethesda Game Studios. Elsewhere in the magazine, there’s a two-page spread with 12 steps to get started with world building in Fallout 3 using The G.E.C.K.

In the April issue of OXM, Todd Howard talks DLC in a new feature, “The Year of DLC.”

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  1. Can someone just confirm that dlc will not be for ps3 in the future ever so people don’t keep asking!! Ill never buy a Bethesda game again!!