Planet Fallout Update – Dogmeat Armor Edition


Today Planet Fallout put up a new update on mods to their site, so I figured now’s as good a time as ever to update you on some other happenings at their site.

Let’s start with mods. Currently, the most popular mod on the site is eaglechunks01’s Dogmeat Leather Armor. At double its normal cost this week, you can download it free here. 🙂 Elsewhere, if you’re looking for some ridiculous firepower, generalveggieman has unveiled his Super Fatman — which unleashes 255 mini-nukes with one shot. Finally, if you’re looking to move through the Capital Wasteland a little quicker, check out Clorf’s Sprint Mod — which cleverly uses up AP if you choose to sprint.

Are you just getting started with adding mods? You might want to check out these helpful tutorials on Installing Fallout 3 Mods and Installing Fallout Mod Manager.

In other modding news, Blinzler has a new State of Modding interview with Vault Dweller’s Survival Perk Pack creator Pirate_Phil. Also, don’t forget about the site’s Project Safehouse Modding Contest — the deadline to enter is April 30th.

Last but not least, the Planet Fallout team is giving out DLC codes for The Pitt. Check here for more details.

Reader Comments

  1. Hmmm, never been real big on FALLOUT mods, but I must admit Fileplanet (Planet Fallout) has a real cool bundle going.

    I might give it a little looksie when I create my 2348967586123 character.

  2. Is it ironic that the most popular user create content is all most the same as the horse armor your most under-liked addition ?

  3. That Dogmeat Leather Armor looks sweet – I’ll have to grab that to make one of the many mods that make him ‘essential’ look as though it’s not being done through magic. 😉

  4. @gstaff

    You cause me much grief and suffering. Why do you torment me so?

    [Nicholas Cage] …Why didn’t you drop the bunny?