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  1. GEEZ Pavel take it easy…. We get it.

    Mathew Perry has always been cool in my opinion, and this just gave him a bigger boost….

  2. ROFL. Too funny! 🙂

    Wait, DiCaprio tells Efron “Don’t do heroin”, but Perry tells Efron to play Fallout 3 instead of CoD4? Badly conflicting advice there! Just look at what Perry did to his hand! Fortunately, Efron seems to be safe since he couldn’t figure out how to even play Fallout 3. Scary, but reportedly true.

  3. I`d personally like to see Matther Perry download the GECK and release a few mods himself, with him being a fan of the game.

    It would be great for the Modding community to have a famous person amongst them. Although I suspect he probably plays on the X-box 360 and probably wouldnt have enough time to learn.

    I also supect that Fallout 3 is probably taking the hit for affecting Perry`s hand, when he was more likely doing something else… 🙂