Broken Steel interview/screenshots at Gamespot


This evening on Gamespot, a new interview on Broken Steel went up — courtesy of Fallout 3 Designer Alan Nanes. Here’s a sample:

Gamespot: How do you account for the variety of endings in the original game with this continuation? Are there decisions that players have made that have to be cast aside for the sake of storytelling?

Alan Nanes: This was perhaps one of the toughest things for us to do when creating Broken Steel. We took great pains to make certain that the actions players made at the end of Fallout 3’s original story are not completely invalidated. In fact, we took what players did into careful account and wove it into some of the quests. For example, if players decided to follow President Eden’s advice and spiked the water with the Modified F.E.V., that decision will affect the Capital Wasteland and how the player interacts or perceives its inhabitants. We’ve also added some new decisions to the original storyline that players will be able to make to add some more variety and make the transition feel right.

Head to Gamespot to read the rest and check out the first screenshots for Broken Steel.

Reader Comments

  1. Saw it earlier, it’s looking sweet.

    The new flame thrower looks amazing, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the original so here’s hoping it handles differently.

  2. Finally, some REAL news. Lord hoping that you guys release a TON more info in the next week in a half because the release date is April, THIS FRICKEN’ MONTH!

  3. @Billy Zane: Exactly what I was thinking. I’m looking for a delay to be announced anytime soon. Hopefully I’m wrong, though. I do tend to worry a little too much.

  4. @Redsrock: They announced long ago that it would be late April OR early May. Knowing Bethesda, I always figured it would be the early May.

  5. “If we decide to release future downloadable content…”

    Am I the only one who is concerned about this statement? I sincerely hope he was just being vague rather than implying that there are no plans for further expansion. While I have stopped playing completely while waiting for this particular DLC, I want to keep playing with some fresh content to keep it interesting.

  6. Pretty awesome, can’t wait.

    I hope you guys aren’t done with the DLC just yet, as the next DLC pack should let you play as Liberty Prime.


  7. Very cool- looks like an air force base (Andrews?) in the flamer shot. Looking forward to playing it- hopefully very soon! Thanks for the update guys! 🙂

  8. i just hope theres a new ending wich veriates from wich action you did in all the quests like in older fallout games.

    id loved to see that vault city was rising and my son in new reno…

  9. So why is it not going to be downloadable on the PS3? I would love to get my hands on it!! Will it be brought out for the PS3 later?