Fallout: New Vegas announced


At a London press event today, we announced Obsidian is developing a new Fallout game, titled Fallout: New Vegas. To learn more about the title, check out press coverage at the following links:

When we have more details on the game, we’ll let you know.

Update: Shacknews has a new interview with Pete where he discusses, among other things, Fallout: New Vegas.

Reader Comments

  1. This is quite a surprise indeed. It would be awesome if they’re given the chance to develop Fallout 4.

    Fallout 3’s plot wasn’t bad, but traversing the wasteland searching for Liam Neeson isn’t my idea of a good Fallout plot to be honest.

  2. While I love hearing about the future of the Fallout franchise, especially Obsidian’s involvement, some Broken Steel release date news would be even more welcome! The Quarter 3, September 2009 stuff on the web about Broken Steel is not reassuring, though I’m sure it’s wrong.



    And its coming out Next year!? Thats even better! While not the MMO announcement I was hoping for… This is awesome!

    BUT, is Obsidian not working on SWTOR atm? Does that mean they expect that to be out by next year?

  4. So we get an announcement for another Fallout game before ANYTHING for TESV is even mentioned? No offense or anything, but that worries me. Is Beth starting to let The Elder Scrolls slip away? Surely that’s not the case, but I really do wish we’d get some news on TESV sooner or later.

  5. @Redsrock:

    With Broken Steel closer than TESV, and FALLOUT Vegas. We have still yet to recieve any new news on that. So I highly doubt they are letting a HUGE franchise like Elder Scrolls slip away. They are just waiting for the right time.

    But I would like some damn news on Broken Steel….NOW.

  6. Well we know Fallout: NV is being done by Obsidian, which is exciting. I think Bethesda approached them to do this so they had time to work on F3 DLC and also TESV. So next year we can probably expect F:NV and TESV, and the following year or two we should expect to see an new Bethesda Fallout game.

  7. Oh god no!

    They ruined NWN2 with Storm of Zehir.

    And why on earth are we hearing more about Fallout before even a firm confirmation about TES V?

  8. Good news for all the Fallout fans.

    Over three years since Oblivion’s release and not one single word on whether there will even be a TES 5. I am definitely worried.

  9. I think “worried” was a bit too much. I’m not necessarily worried, but I am starting to become anxious. I need my TES fix, and FAST!

  10. People can have the right to be worried now. It has been 3 years since the release of Oblivion, and nothing has been said about any Elder Scrolls title since then.

    I have a feeling TES is going to be Beth’s second tier game.

  11. First off fallout:New vegas sounds like a better if it where an expansion. Not a whole game. Second I have yet to here any reliable news on TES V or Broken Steel.This makes me very stressed that you either delay or scrap these projects.Third I am personally cofident that you will give what your fans truly want and not try to find a different group of fans.finally I would like you to clear most or all of these questionsfor me and your fans.

  12. Since Obsidian is the dev for FO, I am willing to bet the Bethesda team is working on TES. Sounds like a win/win for everyone!

  13. Remember, just because Obsidian is working on a spin-off RPG, doesn’t mean that Bethesda isn’t involved. Read the Pete Hines interview before passing judgment. Oh and only last week or week before they announced in an interview that more Oblivion DLC was in the works.

  14. Good news, although I’d honestly prefer Bethesda was making it.

    And what the heck is going on with Broken Steel’s release date?
    I’d very much LOVE to have one.

  15. Perhaps they’re letting another company make a game on the Fallout namesake because they’re going to be working on TES V?

    I don’t honestly believe that as quickly as Oblivion was cast off. But if we were to get some semblance of directness out of the PR department, folks like me wouldn’t have to theorize.

  16. Hey Bethesda, if you’re not willing to put the same content on PS3 as 360, don’t release a PS3 version at all. It’s an insult that you’ve now repeated with Oblivion and Fallout 3.

  17. Ok, as much as a new Fallout game is, here is my question: WHERE THE HECK IS BROKEN STEEL! Seriously, this is the type of BS that I hate. Now, as much as a new Fallout game is and as how much as we might get the “classic” Fallout experience is, we still haven’t forgotten about Broken Steel. The DLC is scheduled for April, that’s this month. Either you release it, or you put up a blog saying that it’s canceled. I don’t want to get gypped out of a good DLC like how I thought I got gypped with that corrupt Pitt file put onto XBox Live.

    Look, the Fallout series is a great series, but from a company like Bathesda, I expect you guys to pay attention and release things ON TIME.

    Thank you

  18. It wasn’t long after the release of Oblivion that Todd himself said in an interview, that there would be an TES V eventually (think it was a year after release). So there will be one. A few others from Beth. has hinted towards or said something directly related to the new project, so yes i believe it’s safe to say that it will be around eventually. i’ve seen release dates surgestions around 2010, but I consider that to be a wild guess.

    Well i don’t think Obsidian ruined NWN2 with Storm of Zehir, they just made a somewhat different chapter to the game. in general I don’t like NWN2 but again it’s hard to discuss taste.

    Hmm Obsidian, and therefore some of the original ppl. from the first Fallouts on the game sounds good in my ears, though i would like something a bit more like the first two games. This should be entertaining enough though, especially being placed in Las Vegas 🙂

    well to you guys that has a ps3. Complain to Sony not Beth. Soft. It’s Sony that has made a developer hostile online platform (well just hostile platform in general) and Sony who is charging more for the bandwidth and space.

  19. Love this news. I know a lot of the old Interplay guys are Obsidian guys now, and I really think this is a huge gesture from Betehsda and a nod to old Fallout fans. Loved both the first two games, absolutely loved Fallout 3, and I’m sure I’ll love this game as well. Really glad it was Bethesda that got the rights to FO and not, say, EA…

    RE: TES 5 – just make sure the star voice talent doesn’t die right away? My suggestion – Morgan Freeman as the voice, and he’s not a main character, all the player character dialog is voiced by him!

  20. Awesome!

    Another game for me too salivate over for the next year. (And likely another game to leave me broke after splurging on the LE. Darn you marketing people and your fun knick knacks!)

    Now… what ever happened to broken steel…?

  21. I would agree, DO NOT RELEASE A PS3 VERSION… If you guys are going to be just as supportive of it as you are F3, and Oblivion.

    OR… Since you have a Guerilla Dev… Have him do all the work, he knows how to work on a ps3.

  22. I’m pretty sure there will be a TES V. People on here should really stop worrying so damn much. Beth. like many other companies doesn’t release much information about its projects at such an early date. They said 2010, so how can you honestly expect to hear anything about it when it’s so far off? Plus, they’ve already promised Broken Steel in April of THIS year. Odds are Broken Steel probably won’t come out in April since it’s the already 20th. But come on guys,usually the longer it takes to develop, the better it will be. So I don’t see why everyone is being so damn impatient. It’ll come when it’s ready.

  23. “They said 2010, so how can you honestly expect to hear anything about it when it’s so far off?”

    Ummm…because it’s not so far off?

  24. I think that this is fantastic news. Any chance that Obsidian will do an interim Elder Scroll title? Maybe something set in one of the other provinces. I know it would be stepping on the toes of some of the Modding community, but I’m a 360 owner and would kill for some more content.

  25. Well,……. I am glad everyone else is excited on the coming of Fallout : New Vegas. As for me, I’m not all that thrilled about Fallout NV at all. With the promises of Bethesda releasing the DLC for Fallout 3 on the PS3 and never complying to the release date along with lagging on and allowing the DLC for Microsoft only.
    That’s okay, I’ll use my hard earned money in this time of recession on other developers who insists on treated the PS3 owners with respect. As for Bethesda, your not a respectful company and I don’t respect you. I hope you enjoyed the extra money that Bill Gates gave you.

  26. well i loved fallout3 to be it was the best rpg ive ever played and i cant wait till new vegas comes out and until the goty version of fallout3 comes out so i can get all the DLC’s for my PS3.