Broken Steel arrives May 5th


Fallout 3’s third DLC, Broken Steel, is coming to Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE on Tuesday, May 5th. As with the previous DLCs, Broken Steel will cost 800 Microsoft Points.

Following our press event in London yesterday, there’s plenty of new coverage on the DLC. Check the following sites for previews (caution: spoilers ahead)

As more coverage surfaces, we’ll keep you in the know. In the meantime, check out screenshots at the Fallout 3 Official Site.

Reader Comments


    Now I can start playing again!

    (I didnt play the Pitt or any other missions because I wanted to level off of them)

    This is Glorious!

    *Mods do not delete my post again! Or else I will use the fatman on you.

  2. I used the same strategy. I have completed every step of every side-quest except the final one (return to abraham washington, i have 30 quantums). When the DLC comes out, I’m gonna rush around completing quests!

  3. WHY!!! cant you give us ps3 user’s one DLC Especially this one so we can continue our game past the end I mean I would like the other 2 DLC’s but they dont completely effect the game. but “broken steel” does. or atleast make a patch so we can get out of the purifier room by sending in one of our followers 😀

  4. You guys had me checking back from work even, I’m very excited by this news. Time to buy some more points I suppose.

  5. Im sitting here raiding Ulduar wishing it was May 5th….

    My girlfriend just got back from DC and wouldnt shut up, so I showed her the Capital Wasteland… She was shocked at how spot on a lot of the stuff was. So she started playing, unfortunately she will have to buy her own pc come May 5th, if she wants to keep playing.

  6. Hey guys, don’t you wanna setup a paypal account or something so that I can buy it without using those stupid MS points (on PC that is)?

  7. Are there any plans for any further patches? I’ve been avoiding the game and buying the DLC for a while now since the VATS bug has cropped up.

  8. Chlorus – GStaff said on the forums that as soon as he has the release notes for the 1.5 PC patch, he will post them.Plus he said that folks are “looking at it”.All this could mean, that the VATS bug, which is preventing me from playing, will be fixed.

    Or not.This “silence is the virtue” policy is stupid, but what are you gonna do.

  9. Finally, I’ve been looking forward to this one more than the other two. I really want to know what happens with The Enclave. No too mention the ending didn’t feel like an ending, Enclave is still intact, in pieces mind you…and the purifier works. It just didn’t feel like the game had ended…felt like there was still a lot more the lone wanderer had yet to do. Looking forward to this. Also looking forward to E3, hopefully we’ll see something from Bethesda and Rockstar. I heard GTA 5 is coming out in Fall of 2010.

  10. Hopefully all DLC will be made available via cd/dvd, I refuse to create accounts at on-line services I have no interest in, this goes for Valves Steamy pile also. All I am interested in is the single-player part of the game thus will not accept anything that forces me on-line.

  11. Awesome, now please fix The Pitt so it doesn’t crash every 10 minutes on my computer. Op Anchorage worked fine!

    Also I wonder if this will mess my game up since I’m using the FreePlay mod so I could keep playing after beating the game.

  12. THIS LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: I hope you guys make an other DLC like Shivering Isles for Oblivion, but for Fallout 3!!!! a whole new town like New York, Vegas or even a town in Canada 😛

  13. I hope there are plans for a patch on the PS3 version to allow continuing after the end of the game at least. Despite Microsoft’s exclusive rights for DLC it seems like this is kind of a big deal that affects the original gameplay more than just being DLC.

  14. If it isn’t bad enough Fallout 3 isn’t a very long game, I’ve now learned that because I use the PS3 instead of the 360 I can’t play any of the downloadable content.

    Let me say this very clearly: if you guys don’t release more content for the PS3 version of Fallout 3, I will not purchase any game by Bethesda again.

    I know, I know, I’ll be punishing myself more than you guys, but it’s the principle that counts.

    I mean, seriously, why is it so hard for game companies to let me give them money?

  15. I understand you guys want the lvl cap to be raised but I don’t. The fact that people couldn’t max out their skills was a good thing it made each player unique(technically you can max your skills at lvl 20 but that’s for hardcore players) and showed what kind of player you are. I guess it’s a good thing that Bethesda listens to their fans and tries to do what they want but I feel like this might have not been the right answer. I feel like if skill caps were raised to 150ish and the difficulty increased then the raised level cap would make sense, but to me it just seems like Bethesda caved into the pressure of the fans.

    P.S. and to the comment before mine about no DLC for PS3, I own a 360 but I think PS3 should still get DLC, seriously, wtf bethesda did you make a deal with microsoft or something?