Broken Steel gameplay on X-Play


Tonight on G4TV, the X-Play crew premiered the first footage of Fallout 3’s third DLC, Broken Steel. On their site, see the extended edition of Adam Sessler’s interview with Todd and Emil. Keep in mind there’s some minor spoilers, especially if you haven’t completed the main quest.

Broken Steel hits Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE May 5th.

Reader Comments

  1. Emil buddy, you are looking really good man, Todd you THE rock star of indie game developers.

    i wish i was sylar and could morph into you and just to take pictures with people.

  2. Wow Emil. You seriously look like a different person, wearing an Emil mask (like the ghoul mask in Fallout, but not Ghouly). I’m getting married in two weeks, any tips to trim up a bit?

    -I don’t really think Bethesda can be considered Indie, Marcus. That’d be stuff like World of Goo or The Path.

  3. @ Z Daniel Phoenix, I saw Bethesda described as the “third largest independent” so, yes, indie. I see them as being like Mute Records in the 90s – having really cool big acts like Depeche Mode and Moby, but still being able to basically do anything they want to.

    @ Marcus, agreed: Emil looks fantastic. I don’t want to go on too much, or I’ll embarrass the poor lamb, but he was already someone I wanted to be like when I grow up, so it’s just awesome to see him looking so happy and healthy.

    Awww … *sniff* Todd loves us! I’d say the feeling’s pretty mutual. 😉

  4. It’s really nice to see Emil looks so great, he has really lost alot of weight and looks really fit navn and like a completely other person. Also 1+ to ihm because my name is oalso Emil haha 😀

  5. Great preview and interview.

    Fantastic giant robot and inspiring in its sureness. Reminds me of Gigantor.

    Like how they had the music off which made everything stand out and more immersive in its representation.

    Yes the ending to FALLOUT 3 was one of those anything can happen moments. For all one knows the player character just passes out from the intense heat before being grabbed and taken to safety by whoever was standing there.

    The ending of the interview though was horrifying and beyond description. I have never heard such bone chilling words spoken by Todd Howard. I hope i can make the part of my brain which remembers those words get permanent amnesia as i hit it against the wall over and over and over…

  6. Oh man… the more I see of this the less I can wait for this next dose of digital heroin… erm I mean DLC. 😛

    Is it to early to start wondering what the next dose from you guys will be like?

  7. Oh man, I am so looking forward to Liberty Prime spouting Anti-Communist bulk again. He’s my favorite character! =D

  8. amazing.purely amazing.fallout3 is the best rpg ive ever played it.made me a little sad at the end with the cap and the end with your death or her death.but this fixs all that keep up the great work.

  9. I hope there are plans for a patch on the PS3 version to allow continuing after the end of the game at least. Despite Microsoft’s exclusive rights for DLC it seems like this is kind of a big deal that affects the original gameplay more than just being DLC.

  10. Wow, looks pretty cool…unfortunately I’m also one of those poor souls stuck with the PS3 version of the game…Beteshda, Sony, if you hear me, work something out already!