Two more iPhone titles from Vir2L Studios


Our sister studio, Vir2L Studios,  have released their latest iPhone/iPod touch games — Base Jumper and Vir2L Drums Taiko.

Base Jumper recreates the adrenaline rush of soaring through the skies and utilizes the tilt controls of the iPhone and iPod touch’s accelerometer. The levels within the game take you to the Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps, and a downtown cityscape. On iTunes, you can purchase Base Jumper for $1.99.


Vir2L Drums Taiko is a rhythm-action title with the zen-like experience of Taiko drums on your iPhone (or touch) — whether you’re on the couch, on the subway, or anywhere else your travels take you. The game offers a variety of drums, which you can use in Session, Training, and Freeplay modes. Like Base Jumper and Scram Sam, Vir2L Drums Taiko can be purchased on iTunes for $1.99.

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  1. While not the “Broken Steel has been moved up to Friday April 25th” news I was hoping for…. This will do….

    That will do pig…. (Name that movie)