Around the web: The one where Chandler returns edition

The weekend is almost here, but here’s some news and more from around the web.

DarkOne, the site administrator for TES Nexus and Fallout 3 Nexus, let me know about Nexus’ Millionth Member Modding Competition. The contest is in honor of, you guessed, the combined communities soon having their one millionth member, and to celebrate the occasion (congrats!), they’re having a modding competition. Head here for details, rules, and more.

New previews for Broken Steel continue to make their way online. Here’s a snippet from Will Tuttle’s preview for GameSpy:

“One of the first things I noticed about Broken Steel is the fact that it will feature a bunch of new enemies, provided your character is above level 18. The Feral Ghoul Reavers are similar to their creepy cousins, but they pack quite a bit more punch, tossing grenades with reckless abandon, safe in the knowledge that they’re covered with heavy body armor. Speaking of armor, the new Enclave Hellfire Troopers that you’ll encounter in the military base are wearing some stylish new gear, as well as sporting a badass new weapon that we’ll talk about later. Finally there are the new Supermutant Overlords, which I unfortunately didn’t get to see. I only pray they’re tougher than the Supermutant Behemoths that I was taking out with ease by the end of the main game. Those guys were wusses.”

For more previews, check out Game Informer, GameDaily, Videogamer, Inc Gamers, PC Format, Edge, , GamePro, WorthPlaying, SPOnG, GamesRadar, G4TV, and UGO.

At yesterday’s MCV Awards for the game industry, Bethesda won the Sales Triumph Award for Fallout 3. To see all the winners, head here.

In the weird and wacky, Crispy Gamer has included  Fallout 3 in their on-going series, World’s Greatest Videogame Toilets. Meanwhile, IGN lists the Capital Wasteland as one of the Top Ten Worst Video Game Vacations.

And finally, we’ve got another Matthew Perry update. After talking up Fallout 3 on Jimmy Fallon and The View last week, our favorite “Friend” continued his discussion on the Ellen DeGeneres show. In the video above, head to the 8:45 mark.

Reader Comments

  1. There I was, eating my lunch, when along came Chandler, touting Fallout 3 again on the Ellen show. It figures that I instantly rushed over to bethblog to see if you guys had noticed!

  2. You guys Bethesda should see about getting Mathew Perry onboard to do voice acting for Broken Steel! (or if not possible because of time, get him in on the next DLC or expansion).

  3. It certainly seems so :).

    Anyway, any news on when 1.5 PC patch is going live everywhere and whether it fixes VATS bugs and pauses, mouse acceleration issues, etc..?

  4. That Mathew Perry…. He seriously just LOVES Fallout… And I cant blame him.

    I think its awesome how unlike every other celeb, he just doesnt care what people think, and openly admits to having a game addiction lol. He owns.

    You guys need to give him a free copy of New Vegas, and try and get him to do some voice acting for it.

  5. LoL, thats awseme, congrats on being introduced to trendy, back of the studios, talk shows Bethesda! LoL just kidding.
    (I bet it makes you angry he signed it like one of his own kids 🙂

  6. Throwing my voice in with the choir.
    Matthew Perry BELONGS in Fallout.
    Find the feller a part and, well…
    Could he be more right for it?