Novels for The Elder Scrolls announced (Updated)

Greg Keyes.jpg

Along with our other press releases today, we’ve announced that we’re partnering with Del Ray books to release two novels based on The Elder Scrolls. Both books,  will be all-new, original stories written by New York Times bestselling author Greg Keyes (shown above). Star Wars fans may recognize Keyes for his work on the New Jedi Order series.

The first book, “The Infernal City,” is set to release this fall. For more details, check out the official press release.

Update: At Shacknews, Pete Hines discusses working on this project with Greg Keyes in a new interview.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m very happy that Elder Scrolls books are coming out. Now my non-gaming friends can see the magic I see in Tamriel.

  2. Hm I’d rather see books which revolve around some of the lore/history of TES. Kinda like those books that lie around and you can read…except this time bigger.

    They should also give a bonus to some skill 😉

  3. If it’s set *after* Oblivion, then who was named Emperor (since the story stars the youngest of the Emperor’s sons).

    Which then gives rise to the question, how *long* after? Given the events that unfolded in Oblivion, and the hero(ine) now a daedric prince, there will no doubt have been some scrambling among the provinces for power and ultimate rulership of Tamriel (with no living heirs left). I personally foresaw a civil war in Tamriel.

  4. Good thing I’m in College now, and won’t be beat up for reading a book about a video game…

    Though I still might read this one only in the safety of my room, and stuff it under The Brothers Karamazov and Midnight’s Children…

    Sounds like a fantastic idea though, guys. I’m always looking for more lore in the series. (hopefully you guys will cross-check it with things and reference it to help integrate it into Canon)

  5. Great news! Can’t wait to read them 🙂 I was really wondering why weren’t there any elder scrolls books out… certainly tons of great lore to go with the universe.

  6. Aye, Bethesda, is their no limit to your wonderful ideas? I checked my past spending, and you’ve successfully managed to get me to spend over $1500 from my pocket–just to play your games, have your games, etc,. $300 of that on your games alone, and that’s not even including royalties from other items, I’m sure.

    My favorite company. I’ll gladly donate more–with the upcoming DLC, NOVELS…(not to mention that I’ll be purchasing the DLC for my 360 AND my PC for both Oblivion and Fallout 3…), you’ll be getting a whole more. 😀 Yay!

  7. I read the ‘blurb’ for the books, sounds like someone has been playing too much WoW, or wherever the Blizz devs stole the idea from.

    If the story outline had anything interesting in it, I’d buy the book, but it just sounds like generic kids/teen fantasy rubbish.

  8. Sevrin: ‘There is nothing new under the sun, no not one thing’. The reality with fantasy lit is that it’s all been done before. But if you can do it in some way that captivates you page by page rather than by an entire plot- you have something.

  9. Just because there is nothing new under the sun doesn’t mean we should all cram beneath the same smelly umbrella that was low quality in the first place.

  10. I used to read the Mechwarrior novels Del Rey published in the 1990s which brought the brutal universe vividly to life so this should be most interesting. Congratulations Bethesda and Greg Keyes.

  11. Its amazing!But i have some question to all of us…is there anyone who knows when Tes5 will appear?Its just very important for me.So…?

  12. (this is a litlte weapon that is a bit better than umbra it has no enchantments. It is located in the Bruma fighters guild in the Chest marked the Destroyer. There is one small catch! You need to find the key! It is in the fighters guild somewhere!) How do I find the Destroyer or get it?

  13. My biggest worry is how hard it would be to take a sweepingly “epic” plot and still be able to pace it in a way to put in the nuances of TES lore. it would seem hard to expose and use centuries of racial and religious tension as a plot ddevice when there’s some giant floating unambiguously evil city about to necromance everybody. It could wind up it’s just a generic teen fantasy book with TES names tacked on artificially, like having a charcater shout “by the Nine!” when something happens instead of really having the books *be* in Tamriel.

  14. well, I just got to “Born queen” in Thorn and Bone. I gotta say it’s given me a pretty good feeling about this.