Broken Steel Diary


At the Fallout 3 Official Site, we’ve got a new developer diary. This time around we enlisted Broken Steel’s Lead Designer Alan Nanes and Lead Level Designer Jeff Browne to discuss the new features and changes implemented in the game with the third DLC. Here’s a snippet:

“If we were to increase the level cap to 30, we first needed to figure out which factions we wanted to support the new cap.  Super Mutants were one creature we knew we had to support.  The decision was made to keep the Super Mutant Behemoth at the top, so we needed to fill the gap between the Behemoth and the Super Mutant Master.  Thus was born the Super Mutant Overlord – a creature much stronger than a Super Mutant Master and one that is beginning to take on the shape and form of a Behemoth.  Its posture is beginning to show signs of the Behemoth with its large, thick neck and slightly forward head.  Given enough time, the Overlord would eventually grow to become a Behemoth.”

In addition to the diary, you’ll be able to check out three new screenshots. Broken Steel arrives on Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE on May 5th.

Reader Comments

  1. The interviews said that BOS will be altered to accomodate the personal decisions we made in the final main quest, doesn’t that mean if we used the FEV there will not be any super mutants?

  2. @ mALX, nah, wouldn’t matter, only FEV affected water is going out off the Memorial, everything in and from the wastes is still fit for the peps at the church of the Atom.

  3. Could you please at least consider adding DLC to the PS3? Me and all of my friends have been beating the same game with the same ending with the same enemies with the same interface over and over and over and over and over again. I’ve made it to level 20 so many times I could be about level 80 by now. Just please consider it. Thanks.

  4. Okay, Bethesda i have an Xbox 360 and i get to play these DLC’s but i want an answer, since you are a well loved company please be different than the other companies and tell us if our PS3 counterparts will be getting the DLC’s and when, it sad that they have not gotten anything, console wars, aside they deserve the DlC’s as much as us “Xbots” since they have gotten the game and passed it and are willing to fork over the money. So DLC for PS3 please.

  5. Good info.

    Also, to those people whining about PS3s being left without DLC: Too bad, should’ve gotten an xbox.