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  1. Nice. Too bad I’ll never get to play it (since the problems introduced into the last two patches broke the game, and the DLC needs them). :thumbsup:

  2. very excited for this. level raise? can do without. but the dlc so far have been great. have no significant issues with any of it.


  3. The HD.wmv version of the trailer seems to be an old cut. It stops abruptly right around the :50 mark. I downloaded the 480p.mp4 version to make sure. It works fine and is fantastic. Can’t wait.

    Perhaps my download cut out on me, but I don’t think so. Just thought you might like to know.

  4. *sigh* Fix the game first before releasing another DLC that probably won’t work.

    I bet you guys are rethinking purchasing the rights to Fallout, aren’t you? I’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls series since the beginning and I’ve loved your company so much. But after this fiasco…well I don’t know anymore.

  5. I want to play Broken Steel (I was looking forward to it), but currently thanks to Patch 1.5 I can’t even save my game anymore without crashing to the desktop, so that means I won’t even be able to play it even if I do get it.

  6. Hey so it’s currently May 5th, 9 minutes past being May 5th and I was wondering if Broken Steel will be up any time soon?

  7. What time are you releasing this to live as i have been waiting since midnight and it’s now gone past the 06:30 mark. Fed up of us gamers in England and Europe always getting things last or having to wait just because of time zones. This is not good as it is now a quarter of day wasted with about another quarter to go on the download as live will be jam packed with all the people that want this, half of the day will be gone before i get to play broken steel so in future please give the times for each live region not just a date as the australians are probably in the afternoon now so they might just get it on the release day. Sorry about my rant.

  8. Broken Steel is apparently not working for the majority of downloaders right now. Here’s hoping Bethesda and MS get together and get a working file up for download soon !

    BS looks so great !

  9. downloading it now, 9am 🙂 decided to sleep on it instead of waiting for the microsoft gang to upload! @57% now. pretty excited, + big THANK YOU to you guys for all the awesome content!

  10. I don’t think I really need to point out the irony of this DLC’s title.

    Oh whoops, I just did…

  11. Still dont get the whole omg i had this and that error with pitt and the other dlc, had no issues with the game until i installed mods after having completed the game once. Did they remove the Broken steel download from live again, because i cant find it now.

  12. well. ive just gotten past colonel autumn and elder lyons wont stop saying we need to make sure this place is locked down before we can do anything. nothing to do. stuck. sad. no broken steel yet

  13. For those of you who put in the bad patches, simply (if you have the disk) remove the program carefully using the option of keeping saved games.

    I suggest saving mods and saved games separately anyway although both were fine when I reinstalled.

    Then reinstall the game. You should be ALMOST exactly where you were. Remember to start game off the sick and select data file option to reactivate mods.

    The update seems to be stable. I am windows 7/ 64 bit.

  14. I was so looking forward to this 🙁
    New patches should be tested before they are released, its rule number one.

  15. Broken Steel was awesome great job guys! But why do the level names start over both my friend and I were Vault Dwellers when we got to level 21?

  16. I’m playing this game on 360. I played Fallout 3 while I downloaded the Broken Steel dlc. Since I don’t get achievements, and the LIVE cannot update the Fallout 3 achievements. Since I have broken steel dlc I can’t make the Pitt’s 100 steel ingots achievement.
    …very sad…

    Sorry for my English, I’m russian, and a little bit angry…

  17. Someone needs to come out and give us some kind explanation for the PC ver. of BS. I wounder how long your games are going to keep getting nominated for GOTY with problems like these. I know your customers are getting tired of it, weather its Beth, or the horrible GFWL service..

  18. at the end of the game you choose wheather or not to die so how dose the dlc fit in if you do choose to turn the machine on your self

  19. This packs look cool and i would pay for all of them but there is one problem IT IS NOT FOE PS3!!! why. I would pay for all of them at once.Today i when to wal-mart to pick up a copy.Plz read this
    Tank94 (ps3 user)

  20. I downloaded Broken Steel on Xbox Live marketplace…a couple of problems, it doesn’t register the achievements earned for Broken Steel. My gamerscore stays the same as does the the score for Fallout 3 on my achievements list. However, when I go to compare games with another friend, my Fallout 3 score shows 1290 instead of 1200 and the achievements are listed as unlocked on the achievement list…they just don’t increase the number on the list or on my gamerscore.

    Another problem seems to be with combat in real time. Sometimes I’ll aim and fire directly at a NPC, dead on I might add, but the projectile misses the target. I noticed this once when I was at point blank range from an NPC. This doesn’t happen in VATS, only in real time combat.


  21. Oh and I should also mention, Broken Steel is a great add on. The bugs I’ve experienced certainly have not affected my attitude towards Fallout 3 or any DLC, or Beth. for that matter. Sure there are bugs but, that’s expected for a game this big. I just wish people would be a bit more patient and kinder about the bugs they’ve encountered. It takes a lot of time to make something great and it takes just as much time to make improvements.

  22. [email protected] said on :

    So there’s going to vehicles and weapons in the dlc?
    Or just new weapons?

  23. Hey, i just started playing at level 6. But i can’t see Broken steel download on my PC client in addons market place.

    Tried reinstalling without patching. Still can’t see it. Something … ‘broken’?