Around the Web: Interviews edition


To celebrate GamePro’s 20th Anniversary (congrats guys!), they’re putting together a list of their top 20  most influential people in gaming from 1989 to 2009. Making the list at #18 was our very own Todd Howard. For the occasion, GamePro has a video chat with him where he talks about what made him get into the industry, his favorite games, and more.

Planet Fallout has a new interview with Broken Steel’s Lead Designer Alan Nanes. Here’s a snippet:

Was it difficult to make the decision to completely change the game’s original ending? And why did you choose that path?

Alan: This was the decision that we spent the longest time pondering when we all sat down to work out the details. We had to decide how much we were going to alter the ending and at the same time, make sure we didn’t invalidate the decisions that the player had made previously. It was a challenge to present everything to the player in a seamless manner, so the new content wouldn’t feel simply tacked on.

Over at NowGamer, there’s a five-page retrospective on Fallout 3 featuring Emil and Todd, and a comparison to Dark Side of the Moon.

Finally, there’s a new interview with yours truly up at Gamasutra. Thinking back now… I’m pretty sure Todd said I was one of the guys holding a shield in Counter Strike — not a “meat shield.” It’s been abbreviated to Meat Shield since — easier to say. 🙂

Reader Comments

  1. @2:14 “When you do your own stuff you’re pretty self critical, you see all the flaws.”

    Your sizable list of bugs in your games says something different. Sorry Toddster but I call bs on this.

  2. From latest interview with Emil:

    “It was pretty late in production, when all the combat was balanced and VATS was working well, and my thoughts began to move from ‘This is pretty cool’ to ‘Wow, this is, um, awesome’. I’m a huge gamer, and there came a point where, for the span of a few months, I was having more fun at work than I was playing other games at home. That’s never happened to me before. For nearly four years I watched my colleagues pour their souls into this game, but I really started to feel we had created something special, something that hadn’t quite been done before. It’s been a really, really great ride.”

    Well, I would certainly also think Fallout 3 is awesome, if VATS WAS WORKING WELL! : /

  3. I was going to say Todd shouldn’t be on that list, but I guess being influential doesn’t have to be a positive thing….

  4. This game WAS awesome — before the 1.1 patch was released that crippled VATS. Subsequent patches have added wonderful “achievements” but still allow significant bugs to frustrate gamers.

    Oh wait…I install Broken Steel and now I can’t exit without Fallout 3 crashing? Fantastic!