Broken Steel update


Many of you have already noticed that Microsoft has re-hosted Broken Steel on Games for Windows LIVE. For more details on downloading and using Games for Windows LIVE, head here.

To access the DLC (Games for Windows and Xbox 360), make sure you have the Fallout 3’s latest title update, version 1.5. When connecting to LIVE, you’ll be prompted for the update. Alternatively, PC players can download it from our site.

Unlike the previous DLCs, The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage, Broken Steel’s questline requires the player to have completed the main quest before venturing on. If you haven’t reached the game’s end, you’ll still notice the game’s new achievements, level cap, perks, enemies, weapons, etc.

In other news, on Xbox 360, Microsoft has resolved issues users were reporting with new achievements not being reflected in their Gamerscores. Any achievements that you receive at this point should show up in your Gamerscore as well. If you’re still experiencing issues, you may need to recover your Gamertag. If you have further questions, contact Xbox customer support.

We thank you guys for being patient, and we hope you enjoy Broken Steel. To discuss the latest DLC, head to our official game forums.

Reader Comments

  1. I’d love to buy Broken Steel. However, first you need to fix your game for the PC.

    1) Entering VATS causes horrible pauses in the game that totally ruin the experience.

    2) The 1.5 update that is required to buy Broken Steel has a nasty bug that causes the game to crash if almost any of the community-made mods are enabled. This is just unacceptable. I’m not going to disable all of my awesome other mods just so I can download yours.

    Both of these bugs have been posted to the official forums, with no useful Bethesda response. So until these bugs are fixed, no money for you from me.

  2. “We thank you guys for being patient”.
    If it was just a temporary problem with the DLC, then i would be patient. Since Fo3 has been BROKEN FOR MONTHS, I’M NOT.

  3. “If it was just a temporary problem with the DLC, then i would be patient. Since Fo3 has been BROKEN FOR MONTHS, I’M NOT.” No kidding.

  4. I just wanted to let you guys know, I had acquired the 3 new quest achievements on Xbox, but the total gamerscore possible in the game never updated to 1350. I recovered my gamertag, which updated the total gamerscore to the correct number, but it took away my achievements for Death From Above, Shock Value, and Who Dares Wins. I’ve waited 2 days to see if it would update but it hasn’t yet. Any solutions or ideas on how to fix this without having to play through them again?

  5. Everything seems to work great after about 20 hours of play with 1.5 — with no CTDs so far. Graphics are stunning when I set to ‘Ultra’, but *sometimes* VATS lags a bit.

    Overall — VERY HAPPY!

    WinXP Lite 32bit
    i7 920 CPU OC to 965 (3.8GHz) – 6GB DDR3
    YESTON/NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT w/v.185.68 32bit beta

  6. PS: I am running all the mods from the latest Rippen’s modpack with totally no problems and have an army of 21 robots (all three models) along with Dogmeat and Fawkes and am now on level 26.

    Fav Weapons: Victory Rifle with silencer and extended mag, 44mag pistol with laser site, Lincoln Repeater (no I ain’t gonna sell it either), Railgun, Gauss rifle, Metal Blaster and Tri-beam Blaster (in that order).


  7. I also had the problem with the achievements for xbox360. I had acquired them, they didn’t go over to my gamerscore, then I recovered my gamertag and when I signed in the achievements were gone and the quests have already been completed. Although the broken steel DLC was fun, I would rather not have to do the missions again to get achievements, not to mention I already saved over my old save file. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  8. Has anyone heard of NOT being able to level up past level 21 on the 360 version of Fallout 3 even with the Broken Steel DLC? I had no problem getting up to a level 30 when I played, but my husband just started playing again today after not playing for awhile and hasn’t been able to get past 21. He’s been playing all day and his XP says max at level 21. I’ve been trying to find something online for help, but there’s nothing that I can find regarding this issue.

  9. That did the trick! We did just get a new 360. I looked under his account and didn’t see anything for Fallout 3 so I thought I had lost Broken Steel, but I tried the same thing with my account just for the hell of it and found Broken Steel in my download history. Thank you so much. We never would have thought of that.