Broken Steel Review Roundup


I’ve been combing the internet for reviews on Broken Steel and thought I’d share a few of them.

At GameFocus, Brian Edey had this to say in his review:

“Bottom Line is that there is much to explore, must to experience and much to disintegrate in the game and this is why the final score is so high for the expansion. It’s the best DLC we have seen in a long time for any content on any platform for any game.”

Additional reviews and impressions can be found at these sites:

As more reviews come in, we’ll update the blog and our review page on the Fallout 3 Official Site.

Reader Comments

  1. Broken Steel was good but how about getting M$ to fix the achievement problem I have more gamerscore for the game than there even is.

  2. Wish I could play it, too bad patch 1.5 totally screws over 90% of mods on the PC, either deleting thier content from the save, or crashes the game.

    Guess Ill have to use fake patch as a work around if I want to play Broken Steel. Heres hopeing fo a quick new patch to fix all this.

  3. Hey guys,

    Still playing, but one suggestion for a possible patch. I was very excited to see the water caravan subplots, particularly the idea of new things to be done in and around Megaton.

    I was very disappointed to discover, though, that (one generic flyer-distributing npc aside) you hadn’t amended *any* of the characters. For example, Lucas Simms is apparently blissfully unaware that water for his town isn’t reaching it…or that people are even trying to get water to his town. So much for the immersion factor.

    It reminded me of the Shivering Isles expansion. I did a mission outside of..Cheydinhal I believe where I joined up with this goof troop called “Knights of the Thorn.” In the Shivering Isles, it turns out there is a Knight of the Thorn there. I bee-lined if over there only to discover…I could neither acknowledge that I was a member or that I even knew what the organization was.

    These crop up in Bethesda’s game sometimes (and in sandbox games in general), and I wish you guys would invest the time to amend them. They are small things, but hugely important to selling the scope and depth of the game.

  4. I really like this DLC, its good. I red somewhere this is the last planned DLC.

    But I got 1 little suggestion;

    there are so many half destroyed high buildings in DC, they are very good for atmosphere.

    but we cant enter any of them, make little patch make a dozen or so of these buildings inhabited with mutants or couple of survivors maybe 1-2 simple quests and like that kind of stuff. it will add alot to the game.

  5. Actually, Norak, they’ve done that a bit I think. I’ve come across a few places now where there are groups of mutants or raiders with stuff to loot and references to end of game stuff. If you wander around, you’ll find some interesting stuff.


    However, if this is the last DLC, it leaves Talon Company as this unsolved question mark and the Capitol as one of the biggest red herrings in gaming history. 🙂

    My comments above still stand. As great as it is to hear new Three Dog stuff, it would be nice to hear some of these story lines reflected in conversation with Megaton citizenry or whatnot.

    Also, if merchants die, they should be replaceable with the right investment. They only die b/c the game keeps dropping increasingly powerful mobs into the wasteland.

    One thing I would love to do is be able to invest in places. I have a fondness for the poor goofs at Big Town, and would love to build the town up a bit. Maybe not for Wasteland 3 but for Wasteland: NV or 4, I think a little Sims-like urban planning is a natural extension of the Fallout theme.

  6. I love fallout 3, and i like the new dlcs alot. I think it would be really cool if you could custumize weapons. Maybe being able to buy special parts that increase accuracy, dam, clip size, or reload time. Maybe even adding special effects like shock or burn dam. I loved oblivions and morrowinds customizability.