What we’re playing


The weekend is here and it’s time to play games. So what’s the hot new game to play at the office? I’ve heard a few guys raving about Plants vs. Zombies, a garden-fresh take on the “tower defense” genre, made by the team at Pop Cap (Peggle). If you’re interested in giving it a shot, try the demo here.

Have a great weekend.

Jesse Tucker, Level Design: Plants vs. Zombies, TF2. Puzzle Quest has relinquished its stranglehold.

Emil Pagliarulo: Wolverine for 360, Velvet Assassin for 360, and Lord of the Rings Online.

Steve Meister: Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Banjo-Tooie Xbox Live Arcade, and iPhone Scrabble.

Cory Dornbusch: The Charlie Kelly of QA: Fallout 3 Broken Steel.

Brent Krische, QA: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, LittleBigPlanet, and hopefully some Fallout 3 over the weekend.

Pete Hines: Rainslick Precipice Ep. 2, Peggle, and Company of Heroes.

Michael Lattanzia, QA: Mordheim with our new table! Last Remnant, Lego Indiana Jones, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce.

Matt Ponton: Street Fighter IV (360) and Prince of Persia (DS).

Liz Beetem, Artist: I’ll probably try to play Left 4 Dead but the other team will ragequit on the second map of Death Toll because they’re sore losers. Maybe also some Zeno Clash.

Michael Wagner, Marketing: Dead Space and Peggle

Dan Ross, QA: Mordheim and maybe some Rome: Total War.

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: Demigod, Super Robot Taisen OG, WoW, LotRO, and Ar Tonelico 2.

Matt Killmon, Video Producer: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations, Oblivion GotY, Fallout 3, Windows 7 RC1.

Sean Palomino (QA Tester): Fight Night Round 3, Prey, and Prince of Persia.

Ashley Cheng: Waiting for Peggle iPhone.

Matt Grandstaff: Peggle Dual Shot, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, and GTA: Chinatown Wars.

Craig Lafferty, Senior Producer: Sacred 2, Plants Vs Zombies, Myst (iPhone).

Jon Paul Duvall, Designer: LittleBigPlanet.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m playing:
    Fable 1
    Guild Wars
    Oblivion (if I have time)
    And also knitting a Harry Potter scarf ready for July.

  2. I’m playing :
    Kotor 1
    Fallout 3
    L4D (maybe)
    and umm might try to complete the little rocket man achievment in HL2 : EP 2

  3. So, turns out that I ended up spending a bunch of time on Peggle last night… And I didn’t know what Plants vs Zombies was, I HAVE to play it now. I love Tower Defense!

  4. I’m playing:
    Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
    GTA 4
    Mass Effect
    Fallout 3 360

    What i’m Most Unfortunately NOT playing:
    Fallout 3 for PC