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Here’s some news that’s popped up since the weekend.

To begin, Develop 100 has ranked the Top 100 developers in the game industry and placed Bethesda Softworks #10 on their list. Check out the full list here. Elsewhere in the world of rankings, VG Chartz has begun their countdown of the Top 100 Best Games of All Time. The list isn’t complete, but they’ve ranked Morrowind #92. Here’s a snippet:

“The third entry in the Elder Scrolls saga has established itself firmly as the preeminent open world sandbox role-playing game, wherein you may go anywhere and do anything. It’s true that there is a primary quest to be undertaken, and the beginning and end for many adventurers will ring alike, but the entire point of this game is in how you can establish the path by which you traverse the world.”

Broken Steel reviews continue to make their way online. Check out the latest reviews at Kotaku, Gaming Nexus, Gamespy, VG-Reloaded, and Evolved Gaming. Haven’t played the DLC yet? Head to the AVault forums for a chance to win a DLC code.

Reader Comments

  1. Pre-2006 I’d put them in the top 20 at least. But since then… meh. Their games are uber fun to play, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think the depth is there anymore *shrug*

  2. >>Only #91? BLASPHEMY! It should be in >>the Top 5!

    Couldn’t agree more with that. It had to be among the top ones.

  3. First off I never have been a big pc player But I did play morrowind on the xbox and loved it. So I ask will morrowind ever be in xbox originals in the video game marketplace and if so when? Because I think I would be one of the first of many in line to buy it. If not could please email me or explain to every one on your blog why not? Also,Do I have any supporters on this request?

  4. hey guys. LONG time fan here. Have ALWAYS supported Bethesda. This year, i have spent over 350$ on Bethesda games.

    Right now, i’m sitting here after accidentally installing the game patch 1.5 for fallout, and the ONLY way for me to repair my game with mods and all is to UNINSTALL.

    You guys are hot right now, Fallout brought the pain. But for god’s sake if you don’t meet a deadline it’s not the end of the world. I want something that WORKS. Not some half-cocked kooky broken stat-push overt product.

    I am a modder and none of my mods are compatible with this dam patch. Nor are MANY mods. Please rectify this situation EFFECTIVELY, not necessarily QUICKLY. Stop rushing everything, we all love your freakin games. We waited a long time for fallout, and all your previous titles. And considering we love your games so much, waiting a week, or months, or years, seems like forever…

    but don’t put a broken product in our hands EVER EVER EVER EVER again. Make sure it works, and that it works good. I’m a modder, and i make mistakes sometimes, but you guys are pros, imo, you are the best in the business. Stop Rushing things. Re-Assign people BACK on to fallout for a week or two if need be.

    Do it right the first time and you always be saving your self precious time.

    Your #1 Frustrated, broken-hearted, and bored fan,
    Marcus Lee Sawyer
    A.K.A. Crow on the Nexus


  5. Ya, like that will happen Marcus Sawyer. Save your money next time they release a game, it will just get worse and worse from here on out.

  6. Bethesda in the top 10 developers list? You’re having a laugh.

    Fallout 3 is a bug ridden mess and Bethesda are doing nothing to fix it. Have a look at their forums to see just how bad things are.

    They sell their DLC on an exclusivity basis whilst excluding 1/3 their install base. All the while proclaiming they ‘listen’ to their fans.

    I love how the industry pats itself on the back at every given opportunity.

    No Bethesda, you’re not top 10. Not even close.

  7. Huh? Just checked that list; Morrowind now is #92 instead of #91!

    I think it should’ve been at least in the top ten. It’s in my top 3 (together with Oblivion and Fallout 3 😉 ), that’s for sure!

  8. I loved Morrowind, it had a unique style and great atmosphere. I love Oblivion for its ease of use. I love Fallout 3 for its detail. I hope the next ES has the detail of Fallout and the atmosphere and exoticnes of Morrowind. Anyway Morrowind should be at least in the top ten.

  9. you know, I haven’t played a bethsoft game since Terminator Future Shock and Skynet … up until Fallout 3. I loved it at first play, and considered rushing out to buy Morrowind and Oblivion and all the addons. but I held off, waiting for some spare cash. Then patch 1.1 came. and since january, the game has been fecked up royally. it’s embarassing and unprofessional. The last time a game was patched this poorly was SiN, or maybe Blood 2. now here we are, five months later, and you have released three mission packs but not fixed the core game. at this point I doubt you will ever fix it. I wouldn’t buy another bethsoft game if it came with a free gold ingot. get on the ball. fix the damn game.

  10. oh, and buying the lunchbox bobblehead edition only to have the game broken by its makers and left unfixed for nigh on half a year just means I am out more cash for a broken game. salt in the wound so to speak.