Around the web: Another Broken Steel review roundup


With more than a dozen new reviews for Broken Steel, I thought I’d share some of the latest links. At Gamer 2.0, Joshua Schwartzmann wrote the following:

With a solid new campaign, an improved level cap, dozens of new perks and tons of powerful weapons at your disposal, Broken Steel is hands down some of the best content Fallout 3 has to offer. With two previous add-ons already giving fans plenty to explore, Broken Steel really pushes the boundaries of what you can come to expect from future downloadable additions. This is the most complete and well-rounded addition to Fallout 3 yet, and anyone can expect to spend hours relishing in what it has to offer.

Additional reviews can be found at the following sites:

To read more reviews, head to our reviews page on the Fallout 3 Official Site.

In other news, there’s a new Fallout 3 interview with Pete Hines at OXM (UK). Here’s a snippet where Pete discusses the upcoming novels for The Elder Scrolls:

Bethesda is also doing Oblivion books. Will this be a continuation of the Oblivion story, or will it lead into another game or product?

Pete: It’s not a continuation of Oblivion but it does fit into… so it’s not like “well, Martin sacrificed himself and Tamriel was saved and next day what happened…” It takes place years or some period of time after that.

As we’ve got more news to share, we’ll let you know.

Reader Comments

  1. Broken Steel has led me to the Capitol Wasteland again…. This time for a long stay! I have so much more of the non add on content to explore, I was just waiting for the right time to do it, and now that I can level while doing it. I think I will!

    I <3 U Bethesda! Keep the Fallout goodies coming! Best game of my lifetime, by far! (Not including Silent Hill 2)

  2. Broken Steel was cool, but way too short in my opinion. *shrug* It was still much better than the first two, though. I wasn’t a fan of Operation Anchorage… at all.

  3. @Redsrock….

    Any Add-On is usually going to be short. Now if they were expansion packs and this short…. I would be pissed.

    But I agree on OA, it was pretty bad.

  4. @BZ: Good point, I never thought about it that way. They’re DLCs, not expansions. Still, it took be like… three hours tops to beat it. I guess I should stop whining, but I can’t! It’s so fun!

  5. Three hours? Sheesh – even Operation Anchorage took me 5 hours!

    I didn’t think OA was bad, but it was just nowhere near as good as the other two.

    The Pitt is exceptional – really amazing – and Broken Steel exceeded my wildest expectations. I really just did not believe it would be that good. If The Pitt is like the Director’s Cut with Extra Footage that you might get on a DVD version, then Broken Steel is like the LOTR Extended Editions. 🙂

    I’m reading Greg Keyes’ book The Born Queen in preparation for the spin-off Oblivion novels. I’m really impressed, even if I probably shouldn’t have read so much Terry Pratchett beforehand. 😉

  6. The Pitt started out really strong, but towards the middle it just seemed like they rushed it. I don’t know, I may be in the minority with that opinion.

  7. I’d consider buying Broken Steel and The Pitt and all, but only if you fix the pc game so that VATS works and the mouse acceleration on the menus is removed. As it is, the game is broken unless you are a twitch gamer who doesn’t use vats… I bought the game for rpg qualities, not shooter lite…


    1. Don’t tease me with fixing L.P. Even if you don’t want to deal with bringing him back, make it so that if you bring X cameras or Y sensor modules, you open up more dialogue options with him. It would be a complete goof.

    2. I would love a DLC of small stuff spread out over a large area. I wrote this in the earlier “reviews” thread, but here it is again. A chance to invest in some towns to build them up, a chance to replace lost merchants, more dialogues and smaller quests in places you’ve already been to. One of my biggest regrets in any RPG is when you’ve used up a town and there’s nothing new to be found or said. Making it so you can unlock stuff as the game goes on or post-original ending would be great, just like in Morrowind. You don’t have to overcrowd the Wasteland, just add depth to the areas that exist: Megaton, Arefu, Paradise Falls, Lamplight, etc.

    3. Oh, and Vault 76, please. 🙂

  9. Also, another complaint: its silly that the wandering NPCs get depopulated simply because the game scales the random mobs to my levels. If you’re going to have water caravans or merchants die b/c of silly albino radscorpions, then those caravans, merchants, Outcast patrols, etc. ought to respawn as well to reflect that there’s always another wave of wanderers to take their place.

    Oh, and please have mobs stop spawning at the front gates of Megaton, Regulator HQ, etc. It’s goofy every time I go to the Washington Monument and its sitting there empty because the Brotherhood characters got axed a long time ago but super mutants and rad dogs keep spawning every five seconds.

  10. Operation Anchorage was cool for what I got after I was done but I would rather have somthing I could go back to vist like the others.

  11. I read the reviews of BS (lol, couldn’t resist) and excitedly began the process of buying and installing it. After some, ok a LOT, of annoyance with MS’s annoying Live thingy, I finally was ready to rock and roll! I restarted Fallout 3, and all my savegames were gone and it seems I’ll have to replay the entire game just to play the new content… I am really, really annoyed… PLEASE do not allow MS too much control in the future. (Unless you hate your customers and want them to be leary of your products.)

  12. I have tried and tried to download the BS content and continue to get errors like this:
    I am running Windows XP64bit, all latest updates installed. All latest service packs installed. All latest patches for Fallout3 installed. login to GFW Live, go through the steps to download available content. It shows a 510 meg file for Broken Steel. Begin to download… it reaches 97% 506Meg and then stops and gives the following error. FAILED TO INSTALL

    the form specified for the subject is not one supported or known by the specified trust provider. (Exception from HRESULT:0x800B0003)

    Query on some forums stated running a MS hotfix to fix the Trust and after running the fix… I get this message.

    the updatebr.inf file is invalid

    I have also followed some of the forums suggestion of deleting the DL content and re-download. Have done it at least 4 times… same errors. Very, very frustrating since the Broken Steel download you have to pay up front with no possible refund… even if you can’t get it to work for you…

    I played the game through but not in the GFWLive. Will that make a difference with the install of the add-on?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  13. Fallout 3 has sold about 550k+ copies to PS3 owners, yet there is no DLC. Surely the market is big enough. I would pay a $5-10 premium just to have this functionality. Heck, if you sold these expansions in stores, I would buy it.