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  1. I keep meaning to read that, but I hear it’s just so depressing that it just puts me off – I mean, if I’m investing that amount of time into something, I want to enjoy it. So, anyone who’s read it: is it just the emotional equivalent of being punched very hard in the face?

  2. WOW, had never heard of this movie until now.

    AMAZING! Viggo is an amazing actor alone, but with a plot similar to the best game ever made…. I cant see anywhere but up for this. This is epic.

    @Princess Stomper – You play Fallout 3? Or Silent Hill 2?

  3. Editing my above post.
    There is nothing like the “End of the world” movie like The Road for me to get excited. Too bad we have to wait unill October.

  4. It’s the aftermath of such events that really grabs me. Since playing Fallout 3, I’ve really been interested in post-apocalyptic stories.

    Shame this film will probably get a later release date here in the UK, but it’s something to look forward to regardless. 🙂

  5. “is it just the emotional equivalent of being punched very hard in the face?”

    Kind of, but it’s amazing. Read it anyway.

    Film looks like it could go either way. Where’re the silly amounts of ash?

  6. Read the book (partially) on the recommendation of the Bethesda team. Absolutely loved it – although it is one of the toughest books I’ve ever read. Oddly, from the trailer it looks like they’ve been inspired by Fallout. Seems appropriate.

  7. Hell, it sure isn’t a coincidence I named my character Llewellyn Moss (one of the main characters in No Country For Old Men) 😀

    Great job on that game Bethesda. I’m going to try all your other games, once I’m done with Fallout 3