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  1. That is one impressive video… Some of that had to take forever to capture.

    I loved Tenpenny flying off over the railing lmfao

  2. Yes, Yes that is one hell of a impressive video. I loved everying about it. Maybe agoministator will make more videos of the like.

  3. Doesn’t have to do with your post but I figured this was a good way to speak directly to the devs.

    Thank you so much for giving us hardcore gamers who bought a Wii a real game. I can’t even describe how much we need a game like this on Wii. I’ve played through almost all of your games and I had always wished you guys would bring your talent to the Wii.

    I originally thought that the Wii-mote and nunchchuck would be incredibly awesome with a first-person action game (like elder scrolls). But then I saw that the accuracy of the Wii motion sensors sucked… I dunno, maybe you guys can trandscend the hardware limitations of Wii with the help of Wii-motion plus or something? Anyway, again I thank you, and best of luck to you all.

  4. God, I hope never to see another Gary clone again. My name is Gary, so it was freaky as hell to walk into a dark vault and have “Gary!” called out over and over again from the dark. XD